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The EXACTOAVS module was developed to enhance the accuracy of determining where a transaction takes place. Sales taxes are determined based upon the location of the transaction. Many systems will use a simple zip or zip+4 methodology for determining the location. These systems do not take into account that the zip and zip+4 are determined by the US Postal Service, for ease of mail delivery. Many zip blocks will contain multiple tax locations within, with different tax rates and different reporting different tax agencies. This means that there are good chances that using a zip or zip+4 methodology will result in inaccurate taxes and incorrect tax reporting.

To accurately determine the actual physical location of the transaction, the EXACTOAVS module scrubs, cleans and standardizes the address as input by the customer, and produces an accurate address, as recognized by the US Postal Service.

The problem about relying upon an address as input by a user is that any given address can have multiple forms of entry, differing from one user to another. Each individual can write their address in many different forms–often forgetting information or worse yet, providing incorrect information.

The EXACTOAVS module will:

  • Standardize the address to USPS formatting standards;
  • Verify and/or correct the street name, number, suite information ;
  • Add / verify and/or update the correct 9 digit zip code information for the address;
  • Ensure that the city, state and zip code match;
  • Determine whether the address is a deliverable location, recognized by the US Postal Services

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Exact AVS:

"Exact AVS" is part of the Exactor Suite line of products, developed by Exactor.