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Exactor Suite

A sales tax compliance software system designed by Exactor.
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The Exactor Suite is a fully automated, comprehensive, end-to-end compliance system for sales and use taxes owing in all commercial environments. The cloud-based SaaS services provided by the Exactor Suite cover all elements of compliance: tax determination; full transaction life cycle tracking (including any changes made to a transaction, such as credits, product returns, or exemptions); providing a comprehensive, verifiable, transactional audit trail; managing exemption certificates; preparing and filing tax returns; and transferring tax proceeds to the different tax agencies. By tracking a transaction throughout its entire life cycle, the Exactor Suite can also be used by merchants as a comprehensive tool for sales and use audit purposes, as well as for Sarbanes Oxley compliance.

Exactor’s reliable, fully automated, audit trail creates a seamless, single source for these obligations. The Exactor Suite services are not limited to any single merchant size; all retailers– large, mid-size or small– can significantly reduce the burden and costs of sales and use tax compliance by using the Exactor Suite.


Seamless, wizard-driven integration connectors, require no software downloads or installation, and no technical resources committed to integration. Retailers don’t have to buy, learn, integrate or maintain new software packages. No need to use IT teams to work on custom installation.

Full integration into ERP and financial systems. Transactions are reconciled to the general ledger, and not left hanging. This reduces costs associated with processing, and reduces liability typically associated with human induced error. System tracks transactional data, by line item; including product (SKU); quantity; exemptions (if applicable); and exceptions (discounts, credits; product returns; charge-backs).

Tax determined by applying the highly accurate address and zip+4 methodologies, and all relevant local rules, tax rates and product taxability matrixes.

Complete tracking of transaction life cycle, starting with transaction initiation; authorization; fulfillment; capture; credits; returns; exemptions; and any other change made – when and by whom.

Transactional audit trail provides comprehensive audit solution, including Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) and other compliance audits.

Automation of labor-intensive manual processes.

Modular system architecture allows quick adaptation and modification to accommodate new and changing requirements – regulatory and internal. Fully redundant, highly secure, highly scalable system provide for a 7x24x365 up-time system, operating in a safe and secure commercial environment. System evaluated applying standards in compliance with NIST and ISO 17799.

Functionality Modules

Exact Calc Accurately determining the taxability of a sale in real time, and without impeding the flow of the transaction, is a very complex process, stemming from the many issues that…

Exact File Generating and filing sales tax returns is a formidable task by itself. Remembering to do it consistently and on-time compounds the difficulty. It is not just the technical,…

Exact Trac The life of a transaction does not begin and end with the placement of an order. Once a consumer makes a purchase, the transaction has just begun. Discrepancies and errors…

Exact Exempt Managing exemptions is often the most difficult part of the sales tax process. While not complicated, exemption management is time-consuming, and most often, conflicts with…

Exact AVS The EXACTOAVS module was developed to enhance the accuracy of determining where a transaction takes place. Sales taxes are determined based upon the location of the…

Exact VAT Value Added Tax (“VAT”) is a form of sales tax, imposed at each stage of the sale cycle. It is a mandatory consumption tax, used by most countries, differing from US Sales…

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