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By making individual workflows and corporate goals visible, an organization can spot redundancies and decrease errors, while at the same time increasing productivity. With accessibility to the same information and the same set of rules, Synergy enables your company to become more responsible, reliable and proficient.

With Synergy, workflow consists of request types that are customizable; a request type is any action that occurs within an organization, including those involving appointments, HR requests, training, sales, marketing or finance. All requests are linked with their corresponding resources, projects, assets and documents so that all corporate operations are traceable and interrelated.

Only when a task has flowed through the required individual for approval can it then be considered completed. At any time, work can be viewed, remarked on or generate an alarm so that bottlenecks are avoided and follow-through is ensured.

One Source for Activities: - All activities, and the information surrounding them are located on one collaborative platform, making workflow available to employees, management, vendors, suppliers and partners as tasks and requests are created.

Activity Monitoring / Exception Management: - Any task can be examined, analyzed or triggered at any time, for notification on involvement, due dates, follow-through, log jams and exceptions, including urgency level parameters.

Automated Flow: - Based on the request type, tasks automatically appear in an individual’s workflow, according to the necessary actions dictated by the task. A task can require documentation, collaboration or deadlines, and can be defined to follow a resource path until the request has been processed.

Role-based Security Model: - Access to all information is based on roles and rules-based schemas, in order to control and limit use to a need-to-know basis. Requests are given specific security clearance ratings so only those who possess the rating can access such information.

Analysis and Reporting: - Synergy contains continuous monitoring capabilities to observe ongoing workflow through pivot analysis and divisional or departmental statistics in order to procure the most significant business information and respond quickly to action.

Enterprise-wide Integration: - Activity that might otherwise be isolated is by default linked in Synergy. Projects, customers, financials and documents are inherently associated with one another in order to reflect the details of work, creating one intrinsically linked business process.

Workflow Management Business Benefits

  • Eliminate unnecessary functions through the automation of business processes
  • Establish standard and rules-based working methods for greater management control and auditing
  • Monitor and predict customer support, response and feedback
  • Enable collaboration and teamwork between employees, customers, vendors and partners
  • Give employees a clear understanding of their tasks and end goals
  • Shorten cycle times and lower production costs through streamlined and automated processes

Workflow Management Features and Functions

  • Definable and customizable request types to accommodate company operations
  • Extensive and pervasive search options
  • Assignments of responsibility for all workflow steps
  • Built-in analytical tools to ascertain request usage and average processing times
  • Alert generations for risk management through the establishment of deadline notifications

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