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Synergy, from Exact Software, provides an internal control system essential in establishing financial accountability, policy compliance and procedural tracking across your entire organization. The Synergy Web-based solution connects the people, processes and documentation that support financial governance, auditing processes and assist with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.

Policies and Procedures

Using Synergy enables organizations to establish an internal control framework for financial policies and procedures. Within Synergy this framework becomes a business structure that assigns processes for expense approval, workflow and document certification. These processes directly aid in automating the flow of financial information throughout the organization. This ensures that the responsible manager obtains timely and accurate data, assisting in the prevention and detection of fraud or financial irregularities.

Real-Time Metrics on Internal Controls

Effective controls require real-time information on the status of internal compliance. Synergy generates real-time reports and automatic alerts on the status of several business activities:

  • Month-end Closings
  • Sales Documentation with Integrated CRM
  • Credit Management
  • Expense Approval and Reporting
  • Budget, G/L and Cash Flow Reporting
  • Accounts Payable with Integrated Supplier Records

Centralizing Financial Information

In addition to corporate issues surrounding internal compliance, many organizations are having difficulties managing and consolidating information from remote locations. In companies with multiple offices, the financial truth is often hidden in separate databases, technology solutions and various spreadsheets. By supplying a central repository for workflow, documents and financial consolidation, Synergy provides a clear view of your global financials. Synergy can produce both corporate and department levels of finances while maintaining links to detailed documentation in support of audit and research.

Automating Regulatory Projects and Tasks

Synergy allows organizations to establish projects and tasks to aid in the management of the Sarbanes-Oxley compliance process. Secure collaboration between subsidiaries and external accounting groups enhances compliance communication and accuracy of information. To aid with internal support and effectiveness of your established Sarbanes policies and procedures, Synergy provides online training tools, internal newspages and policy authorization and approval via automated workflow.

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