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With Synergy, guesswork is eliminated through a complete HRM toolset that allows for both broad-based and specific views of all human resources, including your employees, contractors and applicants throughout the HR lifecycle.

Resource Planning: - Planning on individual or group levels with graphical overviews of absence statistics, workflow performance, budget activity, offsite assignments, consultant hours, etc. that provide immediate views into resource allocation and better insight into the dynamics of your company.

Staffing: - Recruiting is streamlined with centralized management of job descriptions, an applicant tracking system, and Web portal functionality for creating a corporate career site.

On-boarding: - New hires have a central source for HR information like benefit enrollment forms, the corporate directory, the policy and procedure manual, and other training materials. They can get up to speed quickly with instant access to critical information determined by their role and security level, such as all of their predecessor’s work product and their team mate’s work-in-progress.

Performance Management: - Workflow activity and employee audit trails give management teams greater visibility into who is doing what, translating into a more efficient division of labor. Formal procedures such as performance evaluations and individual development plans are created, securely stored, and easily accessible to those with the proper access rights.

Employee Self Service: - Employees have one source for corporate news and benefit information as well as restricted access to personal data such as pay stubs, PTO allowance, etc. They can also submit and track requests like time cards, expense reports, vacation requests, address changes and more.

Training & Development: - Scheduling and approving training can be automated within Synergy and each employee’s training and certification history is available from the employee record. Built-in testing capabilities are also available and can be used for internal certification as well as employee satisfaction and opinion surveys.

Exiting: - Streamlined processes such as automated exit interviews and asset tracking take some of the headaches out of off-boarding. More importantly, the knowledge doesn’t leave with the worker. All of the employee’s workflow, documents and projects are retained for reference.

Organizational and Value Chain Collaboration: - By bringing together the people, processes and knowledge that matter most to your business, Synergy creates an accurate, up-to-the-moment view of your organization’s personnel, finance, workflow, documents and asset information, enhancing decision-making, analysis, scenario planning, and ongoing management across your entire business, making your most valuable asset more creative, productive and competitive.

HRM Business Benefits

  • Provide extensive employee self-service capabilities
  • Gain immediate views into day-to-day operations from anywhere, at anytime, worldwide
  • Align metrics with business goals
  • Automate and accelerate the hiring process
  • Reduce errors and re-work
  • Control access to projects and documents through defined roles
  • Obtain greater visibility into employee and departmental performance
  • Measure employee satisfaction using integrated surveys

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