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Synergy from Exact Software is a powerful tool that can solve many of these HR problems by streamlining processes, reducing paperwork and cost, and increasing access to information. However, most organizations have a number of employees who don’t need the full power and capabilities that Synergy has to offer. The Synergy Employee Self-Service Portal (ESS)extends the HR benefits of Synergy to the rest of the workforce by providing only the most relevant capabilities with complete security control. ESS users have company-defined privileges to critical information and capabilities such as vacation requests, expense reports, and timekeeping records, anytime and from anywhere they have an Internet connection.

ESS gives employees predefined privileges and capabilities to quickly view and request critical information with complete security control. They can request vacation or other time off, submit expense claims and enter timekeeping records, anytime and from anywhere they have an Internet connection. It makes your organization highly accessible and transparent.

Keep Employees Up-to-Date: - It’s not uncommon for some employees to be unaware of relevant company news. But it takes a lot of time and money to produce and distribute hard-copy newsletters. With Exact’s Employee Self-Service Portal, you have a central news page accessible to all your employees in record time and with minimal effort. Those who work outside the office can keep abreast of the latest developments via the Internet (like new customers, new products, policy instructions, etc). What’s more, you can assign a security level to news items you want to be viewable only by employees above a certain grade.

Reduce Redundancy and Increase Accuracy: - Too much HR department time is taken up by routine activities like processing changes of address, looking up a new mobile phone number, and entering requests for leave. The possibility of mistakes is greater than when the employee (the source of the information) enters the data the first time. With the Employee Self-Service Portal, your employees will be able to edit their own name and address data, and also enter requests for leave and keep their work schedules up-to-date. The data is also accessible and editable securely via the Internet. So, employees can update sensitive data from their workstation or from the privacy of home.

Facilitate Communication: - If an employee is not present, it is often difficult to find out whether he/she is visiting a customer, on vacation, or has simply popped out for a few minutes. Looking up contact data often necessitates starting up a separate computer application or wading through the company’s ‘telephone book’. Using Exact’s Employee Self-Service Portal, you can rapidly find all relevant data of other employees, like their telephone number, e-mail address, position, etc. You can also retrieve their work schedules to see at a glance where they are and when they will be available again. For even more convenience, employees who use Microsoft Outlook can synchronize their Outlook calendars with Synergy.

Save Time and Money: - Sending out pay stubs is a time consuming and expensive chore. Besides printing out prepared pay stubs, there are the costs of envelopes and postage. The same applies to the annual employee benefits statement. Using the Employee Self-Service Portal, your employees can retrieve generated pay stubs and annual benefits statements. Each employee’s data is made inaccessible to others through security levels. Your company will save time and money by providing pay stubs online instead of physically posting them. In addition to this data, the employee can view other personalized documents, like a contract of employment or performance appraisal report. Here again, the documents will be viewable only by the employee concerned.

Measure Employee Satisfaction: - Employee performance and productivity drives your company’s revenue. An HR professional needs to keep in touch with what makes the workforce tick in order to measure and manage costs and productivity more accurately. It’s no coincidence that the management of many companies has made employee satisfaction a Key Performance Indicator (KPI). All too often, however, an employee satisfaction survey turns out to be a complex and expensive exercise. With ESS, you can ask employees (anonymously if desired) about their motivation and their opinions on policy, management and their own personal contribution to the organization. The survey is easy to prepare and is answerable immediately and simply. Pressing a button gives you an analysis of the results. ESS allows you to make employee satisfaction an integral part of your HRM strategy.

ESS Allows You To

  • Access important benefit and HR related information from anywhere, anytime.
  • Stay up to date with important company news and events.
  • Maintain accurate employee records.
  • Find co-workers and coordinate work schedules.
  • Provide valuable feedback on corporate performance.

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