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With Synergy, knowledge management is intuitive and controlled rather than disorganized and chaotic; by publishing all documents online and making them available through the Internet, employees, customers, vendors and business partners are fully informed of what is happening in your company.

All documents in Synergy are electronically stored and are associated to corporate workflow, projects and assets. This makes visibility into knowledge capital multi-faceted and provides an automatic audit trail that translates into streamlined communication for a more productive and visible workforce.

Document Creation, Storage and Management: - All documents in Synergy include category and type definitions that foster more robust organization. Meeting notes, product announcements, policies, education manuals or supplier invoices can be categorized by marketing, management, finance or by any category defined by your company.

Security Definitions: - Every Synergy document requires a security level for controlled accessibility. This means your documents can be shared at various levels within the company as well as externally at your discretion.

Consolidation Without Duplication: - Once a document is scanned, uploaded or entered into Synergy, it is the only version that exists for reference, ensuring that identical information is shared by all those who view it. Multiple copies no longer exist, simplifying cooperation amongst employees and speeding decision-making.

Organization-wide Integration: - Business components that are otherwise separate such as projects, customers, financials or product information are associated with each document for more relevant interaction.

Website Creation: - Synergy documents can be published to create Websites for specific audiences, containing content such as product and service information for clients, customer management administration for sales reps or human resource policies. By having access to a unique Website through Synergy, information is provided in a succinct and organized manner to those who need it.

Knowledge Management Business Benefits

  • Better accessibility and organization through Web-publishable documents
  • Inherent knowledge-sharing across the company
  • Open communication with customers, business partners and employees
  • Captured context of every business event or transaction that occurs
  • Intelligence of individual resources leveraged across the entire organization
  • Complete, centralized location of all detail that is crucial to your business

Knowledge Management Features and Functions

  • Creation, categorization, storage and publication of any document
  • Advanced search and reporting features
  • Individual customizations of document views
  • Creation and maintenance of Websites
  • Website construction
  • ISO 9000 certification procedure
  • Integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Powerpoint, Frontpage)

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