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Repetitive Manufacturing provides, in a single transaction, the capability to receive a finished item and backflush all of the component items required to build the final assembly. This is ideal for high volume environments or those that are practicing Just-In-Time (JIT) techniques as no shop order is required, thereby eliminating time-consuming order processing and providing a paperless environment.

Repetitive Transaction-One Simple Step

  • Receive finished items into inventory and issue all components required to build the final product in a single transaction.
  • Quick data entry only requires the Parent Part ID and the quantity completed to process the transaction.
  • Eliminates time-consuming order processing.
  • Reduce Work-In-Process (WIP) tracking requirements.
  • Maintains complete transaction history information for auditing and control purposes.
  • Significantly reduces the costs of tracking requirements for parts or products that do not need complex control procedures.
  • Produce finished products without the need of generating work orders, allowing you to reduce processing time and paperwork without compromising data integrity.
  • Requires less than half of the normal processing time of using conventional shop orders.
  • Quickly review repetitive transactions with the Transaction History Report or Inquiry.
  • Optionally use Repetitive Manufacturing for some or all of your parts, depending on your internal requirements.
  • Component issues are based on product structure relationships.
  • Blows through phantom and pseudo parts while issuing components.
  • Component stock can be issued from the primary (point of use) stock location or alternative (buffer stock) locations.
  • Perfect for companies who use cellular manufacturing techniques.
  • User Preference allows you to remove all cost information from view (for security purposes) while processing the transaction.
  • Optional support for Lot/Serial Tracking

Repetitive Scrap Transaction-Flexible Scrap Processing

  • Record actual scrap at any level on the bill in one transaction for increased inventory accuracy.
  • Does not require an order number to scrap component items.
  • Adjust scrap quantities at any level on the bill.
  • Accurately record by-products during the manufacturing process for recovery of expensive or hazardous materials.
  • Requires entry of GL Account for accurate product costing.

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