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In Lean Manufacturing, you strive to flatten the Bill of Material, which reduces the number of work orders you need to create and eliminates the corresponding stocking levels of inventory. The Backflush by Operation tool facilitates the flattening process and allows you to backflush the parts at the exact time and location they are consumed.

Features & Benefits

  • Structure BOM components to routing operations
    • Create Backflush Location
    • Link parts to multiple operations
    • Eliminate Manufacturing BOMs by structuring materials where and when they are used
    • Drag & Drop interface
    • View Summarized BOM or Tree Structure
    • Backflush by operation
  • Reduce transactions
    • Override Backflush Location by operation
    • Generate transactions as the parts are used
    • Have more precision in inventory counts
    • Flatten BOMs
  • Reduce the number of work orders generated
    • Use with additional Lean Tools
    • Supplier KANBAN
    • Consolidated Planning

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"Lean Tools - Backflush by Operation" is part of the Exact MAX line of products, developed by Exact.

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