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Exact Globe offers multiple calculation scenarios, so you can choose the one that’s ideal for your situation. It also allows for the ‘pegging’ analysis of your MRP run. This enables you to identify the sources of requirements at a detailed level, greatly simplifying the inventory replenishment process. From within this MRP capability you can access all your logistic transactions, from sales order to delivery. This helps you with your own internal efficiencies, as well as with important issues of compliance and regulation.

Extract a Material Requirements Plan at the unique warehouse level or aggregated at the company level

  • Allocate material on a hard or soft basis, interactively providing significant flexibility ensuring customers receive products on time
  • Provide for a variety of product configurations for assembleto-order requirements with dependencies, exclusions and other relationships
  • Complete drill down to a manufacturing order from a sales order gives insight into when products will be ready
  • Discretely manage material requirements at the unique item category assignment, not just the entire MRP plan
  • Material control center greatly simplifies the inventory replenishments process
  • Multi-faceted Bill of Material incorporates machine activities, labor requirements and costs as well as production work centers and operations, within one entry / view screen

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"Material Requirements Planning" is part of the Exact Globe line of products, developed by Exact.

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