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An On‑Premise and Cloud Shop Management software solution for Manufacturers designed by Exact JobBOSS.
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Exact JobBOSS is the most widely used ERP system for make-to-order, discrete and custom manufacturers. With software solutions for every shop and business model including on-premise, cloud, hosted and subscription-based software, Exact JobBOSS has a solution for you. Over 21,000 users worldwide engaged in precision machining, electronics, rubber, plastics and medical products manufacturing rely on Exact JobBOSS to drive productivity and profits.

  • Exact JobBoss: On-Premise Software: available by purchase, subscription and hosted
  • Exact Online JobBoss: Cloud Software: available by monthly subscription

Exact JobBOSS advisors work with you to determine your software needs. Your advisor will recommend the optimal solution suited to your challenges, strategy and cash flow, providing you the greatest value for your business.

Now Available: Exact Online JobBoss Cloud Software.

  • Flexible cloud delivery for streamlining of tasks including logistics, CRM, production and inventory management
  • Affordable monthly subscription and seamless integration with QuickBooks Online editions.
  • Access to your business from anywhere, anytime on any internet enabled device.

Both Exact JobBOSS On-Premise and Online software systems automate workflows, track costs, and create alignment within areas of operation that many shops find difficult to view all together. Small businesses running on manual paper processes or Excel, who lack integration of accounting, inventory and the shop floor, see significant gains in profit and productivity through Exact JobBOSS and Exact Online JobBOSS.

Process Quotes: Build quotes based on estimated times, labor and material costs, and quantity/price breaks. Keep part histories of actual vs. quoted costs to see profitability. Quick assembly of new quotes with information from past quotes or jobs. Keep a log for follow-up and win/loss performance.

Process Orders: Create jobs by converting existing quotes, copying existing jobs or from scratch. Print custom travelers to track jobs on the shop floor. Both On-Premise and Online JobBOSS handle single parts, multi-level assemblies, blanket orders and time & material jobs.

Schedule Realistically: Schedule jobs individually or create a shop schedule globally using finite or infinite capacity planning. View and control the shop schedule via an automated white board. Make changes and see the effect instantly on work centers, inventory and other jobs. Get up-to-the-minute job status with automated bar code data collection.

Control Material Effectively: Know what’s in stock, when and what to order and due dates. Buy materials direct to a job or to stock. Create purchase orders for materials and/or outside services. Create RFQ’s to get pricing for needed products and services.

Track Labor: With On-Premise JobBOSS, use Real Time Data Collection to track employee, job and machine efficiencies. With Online JobBOSS, access a fully integrated app to enable data collection. Use either version to track jobs manually.

Stay Informed with Dashboard and Shop Alerts: View the status of any job 24/7. Track and correct problems early. Improve communication internally and with customers. Customize your dashboard—choose critical business information, key stats and metrics. Rely on automatic notifications of events or changes; receive alerts by e-mail, the JobBOSS inbox, or texts to your cell phone.

Cost Jobs: View detailed job cost information and compare actual versus estimated costs. Keep complete part histories and cost summaries. Use flexible costing reports to show profitability or loss.

Integrate your Accounting: : Opt for 100% Integration with Quickbooks or JobBOSS Accounting Modules including Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Payroll.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger Automatically updated by entries made to Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Payroll. Features Include: Full support for standard financial statements that can be…

Accounts Payable Automatically posts the actual costs incurred to specific jobs in JobBOSS Job Control. Variances can be viewed between estimated and actual costs. Features Include: Enter…

Accounts Receivable Features Include: Generate invoices and credit memos automatically from Job Control packing lists or returns. Handles progress billing and miscellaneous invoicing. Record…

Purchasing and Inventory Always know what’s in stock, what to order, when to order it, and when it is due. Buy materials direct to a job or to stock. Create purchase orders for either materials…

CAD-BOM Import Automate the entry of BOM data into production requirements. Capture data from a single or multi-level BOM structure and import it into Exact JobBOSS for quotes and jobs.…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Exact JobBOSS ERP

from Die-Mension Corporation says…

There is one glaring flaw!!!!! We just discovered that the hours worked on a job don’t match with the Job Cost Detail report. The Job Cost Detail report says there were 6.5 hours for a job however, the Time Audit report says there were only 2 hours on the same job. Which one is correct? I called support. They informed me that this problem has been an issue with my version of the software. I currently use 11.9.4. I was given a couple of things to try to correct this problem and they didn’t work. I was told that I will have to upgrade to correct the problem. I was very disappointed at how flippent support was about this problem. It was like they didn’t care. I have to get my IT person involved to do the upgrade. I called support again to get their hours of operation and was placed on hold for over 7 minutes. I hung up, called back and contacted a different department to find out their hours of operation and informed them that I was on hold for over 7 minutes. They informed me that only (2) individuals were there to cover that area and that they have been busy all day with no break at that’s why I had to be on hold for such a long time. I don’t know when I’ll be able to get my upgrade completed and sit here wondering how many jobs I’ve invoiced that are incorrect, (I have close to 600 jobs that I’ve invoiced this year). I’m appalled that JobBOSS knew of this issue and yet I was never informed about it. No call, no email, nothing. Extremely disappointed in JobBOSS’s support and handling of problems.

The good: I like that we have a better grip on how many jobs we have and their due dates.

The bad: The support is awful!


I use it as a full-service ERP, covering all my production, purchasing and accounting needs

The bad: We are a large company with 25+ users. I would like more granular security so we can manage specific functions within screens.

from Serapid says…

Serapid decided to purchase JobBoss over the competition. We thought the program was a good solution to get us from multiple spread sheets to 1 software package shared by the whole company. The training was better than competitors. The software has brought job release thru final invoicing into the modern times. Inventory control is real time with stock status, cost and planning easily evaluated. Purchasing is straight forward form the job BOM to RFQ to PO in easy steps. Job costing is current and accessible. With the addition of the BOM Import tool JobBoss has hit a home run.

The good: We do not use all the modules available but are comfortable with those that we do. We found a steep learning curve at 1st, but we dedicated 2 people to the training to act as the implementation team and company trainers. We found the software not necessarily intuitive, but once the general idea was comprehended, like any new product, it became easier to use. We still get stumped once in a while by problems, but the JB knowledge base and call in help team is really good. Yes there are some quirks as you would expect from a canned software, but by and large the program is very functional. You may find some of the reports lacking what you want to see in the format you want, but they can be designed. Most employees learned the program easily, but there were some hard heads that resisted the changes. Overall JobBoss has more than accomplished what we hoped it would.

The bad: Some of the adjustability for part (materials) costing could be better. The 10 digit job number is a problem, but you can develop work arounds. We worked with the Beta testing on the import tool and had several improvements suggested there.

from Quala-Die, Inc. says…

The software does well for our needs… the accounting/ payroll integration could be better and I would like to see a Human Resource Module along with a Machine Maintenance Module…

The good: Ease of training and use…

The bad: The payroll integration and doubled entry

from Classic Turning says…

Module driven software with a very friendly data base design. The outline is a very universal structure, but is to be very accurate to the manufacturing processes. Data Collection is very powerful even know we do not fully utilize to it abilities. Data collection at serves the manufacturing very well as time and attendance and Job costing. Accounting package and Payroll would be considered add ons at one time, but have been upgraded and serve us very well.

Strengths - Flexibility, User Friendly, All in one (Quoting, Job\Sales Entry, Purchasing, Shop Floor Management, Shipping, Accounting and Payroll) how can you go wrong????

The good: Workflow Process and Documentation 1) Easy to follow 2) Easy to troubleshoot 3) User friendly a. Department to take ownership in their module b. Work independent of each other c. Ties between different modules are seamless 4) JobBoss allows you to fully utilize core modules with out adding modules that you maybe will not use or are not ready to use.

The bad: Move Custom fields to proper screens for input ease Lack of control on required fields Preference-User Codes an option to use description fields (Material Class, Additional Cost, Adjustment Reason,Change Reason, etc) Shop Boss versions ago we could set individual preference such as what cells to see and how you wanted to see. Lost in upgrades and never came back.

from EICOM Corporation and ACE Manufacturing says…

Good layout: standard progression using tabs. Self populating dropdown fields. Good search feature in most modules. Good formatting of crystal reports. Good Copy feature from Quote to Job, PO to PO, etc. We use JB from Quote to Cost, Inventory, Scheduling, Acct, data collection, etc.

The good: The menu layouts, the good report formatting. The excellent support that we used to get from Lisa O’Flaherty.

The bad: Difficult to export a report to excel without a lot of merged cells. So I frequently have to write a custom report.
The base reports in JB are good. But the costing and quoting reports are too limited. So we write our own. We are starting to use Event Mgr to create automatic actions like ASN. This would be a good base feature to have..

from Will-Mor Manufacturing, Inc. says…

JobBOSS handles the front end to the back end (and all points in between) for our Manufacturing Company operations. There is nothing I need to do outside of JobBOSS with other software to run and manage our business.

The good: It is a very intuitive program. I have worked with many other ERP systems and I can say JobBOSS was the easiest to use and at the same time handles all of our business’ needs.

The bad: Outside of some minor enhancements, the software does not have a glaring weakness.

from Moores Machine Shop says…

Very user friendly. Easy to teach and reproduce implementation.

The good: Easy to learn and implement.

The bad: Would be good if modules were modifiable to some extent locally.

from Accu-Prompt, Inc. says…

JobBoss is a very good and easy to use software. We have jobs that consist of 1 component and some with 200 components and many repeat orders. JobBoss handles the diffrent job types without any issues. JobBoss does an excellent job of tracking job time and costs. It is seamless from the Quote to final job cost. I would highly recommend it for any size shop.

The good: Reliability. The system never craches, updates are always functioning when a new release comes out. I have been using JobBoss since 1992 and it has always been rock solid.

The bad: Not being able to search a name in the customer admin. Example: Find the company that John Smith works for after he changed jobs 3 times with 3 different companies.

A representative from San Diego Precision Machining, Inc says…

JobBoss helps us accurately track jobs from quotation to shipment. In addition the use of of ShopBoss helps keep us on schedule to make sure deliveries stay on time.

The good: JobBoss makes it easy to track all the jobs moving through our shop. It has allowed us to increase our shop load dramatically from the old job book we used in the past. There is no way we could do the volume of jobs we do now without JobBoss.

The bad: Looking back at jobs and finding information can be clumsy. No right click ability at many screens. For instance when I right click on a material in a job and click show activity it shows me the p.o. Why can’t I right click or double click on the p.o. to open it. Many areas are like this and it is cumbersome to open modules and click through to get to the information I want.

from Mittler Bros Machine & Tool says…

Software is very user friendly, puts the power at your fingertips to run your shop and office.

The good: Use it as little or as much as you like, just getting started, jump in start out with the basics and work your way up. with this package you don’t have to learn it all in the beginning to have it work for you.

The bad: it is not a point of sale system. some of us have that other side to the job shop business and for that the sales order side is just not quite satisfactory.


JB was designed to help manage and control production costs in a typical job shop environment. It covers all aspects of manufacturing from quote to invoicing, and real time data collection.

The good: Sadly, I can’t think of anything that I like best. Things that work smoothly typically go unnoticed though, and I know it has strong points.

The bad: JobBOSS at first seems loaded with features and I’m sure it is. If there were more free tutorials available maybe it’s haphazard structure would make more sense. Other similar programs I’ve used offer recorded sessions. JB has some, but mostly, they have their hand out. The “pay us for software, and then pay us more to show you how to use it” approach just rubs me the wrong way. The inconsistencies in nomenclature from one area to the next make it a nightmare. In one area, something will be called this, and in another area, it will be called something else. JB opens with a navigation rectangle in the center of a page that I seldom use, preferring instead to use their optional “Explorer” view, which is a typical directory tree. But simple stuff like having the order of the selections between the two navigation choices be the same just doesn’t seem important to them. Their “Customer Portal”, which, by the way, won’t even connect through the latest version of the software (a message saying it’s out of date pops up, and ultimately redirects you to another site, which only works in Windows Internet Explorer. But it fails more than it works) is a joke, even though they do make an attempt at recording the basics of all calls there. I personally think the biggest problem with JB is the fact that NO ONE at Exact (the parent company) appears to use it at all. If they tried to actually utilize the software, or at least send some of their people out into facilities that are actually using it, they’d see a lot of the problems. For the record, in a past job, I chose a similar product over JB. Now, after using both, I feel strongly that my decision was the right one. I do feel JB has great potential, but unless you have plenty of money, you probably won’t ever implement it fully.

from Non-Metallic Solutions, Inc. says…

It is built around a manufacturing job shop and is designed to track the job through the manufacturing stages. It is also supposed to handle inventory as well.

The good: The fact that we actually figured out how to use it!

The bad: It is not very intuitive and although there are very good online tutorials, there are none for how to start using. The tutorials are for people with a general knowledge of the program.