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The Service and Repair module in Evo-ERP Software provides a means of processing orders by a Service or Repair department maintaining inventory and costing independently from production. Thus, you do not need a special part number for repairing an item to keep the costs separate. Service or Repair orders are entered very much like Sales Orders and a Repair Location can be set up to segregate the inventory and keep the repair stock isolated from production. Once the repair is complete, the Releasing process allows a review of the costs, determination of price and selection of major components to be itemized on the invoice. The item being worked on can be the same part number as an item you manufacture. However, you may also have a service department that works on products originally made by other manufacturers. In that case, you can create one or a few type N items and designate them as Service/Repair items. You can then designate whether when an order for one of these generic S/R items is entered and processed, you want to allow or even require that the Make, Model and Serial number of the actual product being serviced be entered.

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