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eTurns TrackStock

A cloud‑based inventory management software system designed by eTurns.
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eTurns TrackStock is simple, cloud-based inventory software that automates replenishment based on need and provides real-time inventory visibility into remote stockrooms. Using barcode scanners, smartphones, IoT weight sensors and RFID, eTurns TrackStock manages inventory at the point-of-use to increase sales and service levels, optimize inventory and eliminate stockouts. eTurns TrackStock helps customers decrease inventory levels by up to 73% and replenish inventory 90% faster than ordering through an ecommerce site.


  • eTurns TrackStock Replenish is 90% faster than ordering through any ecommerce site. For businesses with many parts that constantly need replenishment, eTurns TrackStock Replenish allows users to scan bins of parts with their smartphone/PDA to order directly from their supplier in a fraction of the time it takes to write down a product number, logon back at their desk, key-in a product number and complete an ecommerce order.
  • eTurns TrackStock Manage decreases inventory levels by up to 73% by optimizing inventories. With TrackStock Manage users scan to use/receive inventory. It allows users to tune min/max levels based on actual usage and get alerts on inventory status. Distributors can use this to bill on consigned usage.
  • eTurns TrackStock RFID - Create transactions by waving a tagged bin past an RFID tower. One scan to order/use/receive.
  • eTurns TrackStock eVMI is eTurns’ most automated inventory management solution. It enables a complete physical inventory on each item 2x/day to trigger frictionless need-based replenishment with no human intervention eTurns puts an IoT weight sensor under a bin of parts on a mobile cart or stationary rack. The sensor measures the weight of the parts at user-defined intervals. When the weight, after being converted to quantity, falls below a minimum, a replenishment order up to the maximum is sent through the eTurns TrackStock eVMI cloud-based application, to the distributor’s ERP system. The distributor fulfills the order, the parts are shipped to the facility and the vendor or customer restocks the bins. This is fully automated VMI (vendor-managed inventory) at a fraction of the cost of inventory vending and offers a quick ROI.
  • eTurns TrackStock Truck provides contractors with real-time visibility into service truck inventories as well as parts and labor usage by job. Then it automates inventory management.
  • eTurns TrackStock Asset allows you to describe and track the assets you own and when they are scheduled for maintenance. eTurns optimizes the inventory of all of the MRO material needed to maintain your assets. If a list of material is needed to perform maintenance of an asset, TrackStock Asset makes it easy to include those items in a quicklist added to the work order. If maintenance of an asset is due, eTurns sends out an email alert.
  • eTurns TrackStock Tool keeps track of expensive, serialized tools (so you know who last had the item) as well as multiples of the same inexpensive tool like hammers and extension cords. We send email alerts when a tool is due for recalibration and prevent it from being checked out until properly serviced.

Industries we serve:

  • Industrial Distributors
  • Multi-location Manufacturers
  • Contractors with Service Trucks
  • Medical Clinics/Hospitals, EMS

Industrial Distributors: 70% of our customers are wholesale industrial distributors (such as electrical, electronics, fasteners, etc) who use us to do need-based automated replenishment of their customers’ stockroom inventories. eTurns helps distributors offer consigned inventory because eTurns records consumption using barcode scans or RFID towers, allows distributors to bill on usage, and provides one invoice for reconciliation. Benefits: We make replenishment so easy for customers that they don’t leave the distributor, which is why distributors who use eTurns say that we help increase their same-customer revenues by 30% and increase customer retention.

Contractors with Service Trucks and EMS Companies use eTurns to replenish and manage inventory on their trucks..

Healthcare companies use us to have a simple iPhone app to replenish supplies in their stockrooms.

Manufacturers use eTurns to keep MRO inventory in stock using min/max levels for optimization.


Our customers include: 4 of the top 5 electrical distributors and 3 of the top 6 electronics distributors. Arrow Electronics, Graybar, Rexel, Gexpro, TTI, Anixter, Digi-Key.

Our Modules

  • Inventory
    • Bills of Material
    • Quicklists
    • Counts
    • Staging
    • Move Material
  • Consume
    • Pull
    • Work Order
    • Requisition
    • Project Spend
  • Replenish
    • Cart
    • Orders
    • Receive
    • Transfer
    • Return Orders
  • Assets/Tools
    • Tools
    • Assets
    • Scheduler
    • Scheduler Mapping
    • Maintenance
  • Kits
    • Build/Break Kits
  • Reporting
  • Barcode label configuration
  • Catalog printing
  • Customized reports
  • Scheduled Alerts
  • Dashboard Alerts and Analytics
  • User Configurations

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