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eTeklogics is a developer of Fixed Asset Tracking, Tool Tracking, Inventory Control, and other Data Collection systems. We also offer consulting and custom programming for barcoding, RFID, and GPS tracking solutions. We have main offices in Cleveland, Ohio and Denver, Colorado and a network of distributors spread across the United States.

eTeklogics has been helping its customers “find things” since 1984 using technologies proven by results. “Finding things,” even animals and humans, can be accomplished easily if the right technologies and applications are chosen.

eTeklogics provides those solutions that put the right equipment and software into the hands of its customers. We believe that identifying tracking requirements by industry lend themselves to different formulations for success. That is why eTeklogics has developed software and hardware solutions for government use as well as for transportation, industrial and utility operations.

All of eTeklogics tracking products offer its customers their choice of tracking technologies. Using popular PDA type computer equipment the customers can choose to collect information through keyboard entry, handwriting and signature capture, digital imaging, barcoding, radio tagging and/or GPS mapping.

eTeklogics can provide packaged tracking solutions for your unique needs at a very reasonable cost resulting in huge savings to your bottom line.

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