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Job Cost is included in all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

There is no practical limit to the level of detail in eTEK’s job cost module that can be setup and used to always know where you stand on any project/job with all actual costs compared to your estimates; sophisticated project management reports include job cost WIP reporting on-line and clearly identifies profitable and unprofitable projects/jobs (and uses a powerful estimate-to-complete feature so you can avoid losing money on large projects/jobs).

System tracks change orders for subcontractors and customers; automatically links CO’s to complete AIA billing capabilities. Management reports include over/under billing & receipts analysis as well as complete vendor analysis and direct costs analysis, including equipment/labor charges.

Independent reviews of construction software confirm that eTEK’s Job Cost module provides the most powerful and flexible job costing functionality available today in the software industry. The basic reason for this: the user has the ability to define an unlimited number of projects, consisting of an unlimited number of jobs, each with an unlimited number of phases; and each phase with an unlimited number of tasks … the scope and range likely exceeds the needs of some of the largest project management companies in the world today.

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"Job Cost" is part of the eTEK Construction Systems line of products, developed by eTEK International.

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