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Inventory is an optional module available for all versions of eTEK Construction Systems.

eTEK’s inventory control module is fully integrated with all other appropriate and related modules comprising eTEK Construction Systems such as Sales Order, Purchasing, Job Cost and Billing. Provides an unlimited ability to define and use both inventory and non-inventory (types of labor) items for T&M billing, Purchasing and Sales/Work Orders. This is a “real-time” Inventory system with no limits on user-defined unit of measures; an unlimited number of price-tiers can be setup and used by customer; there is no limitation on the number of inventory locations that can be tracked; built-in reports pin-point slow-moving/excess material. Importantly, this module includes the ability to set up and use “kitting” combined with multiple price levels by user’s customer.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Inventory:

"Inventory" is part of the eTEK Construction Systems line of products, developed by eTEK International.

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