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eTEK International

A developer of accounting, payroll & ERP software designed specifically for general contractors

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eTEK International specializes in high-value accounting software for general contractors in the construction industry who have outgrown low-end systems that lack flexibility. Typical customer comment: “eTEK offers more features for GC’s at less cost … with unmatched service & flexibility.”

Based on Microsoft technology, eTEK systems are available in configurations ranging from single users up to large-scale multi-user environments. Sold directly as either: 1) low-cost, web-based software as a service (SaaS) subscriptions, or 2) traditional in-house client/server installations, prices are usually half those charged by comparable competitors. Customer training & support is provided by full-time eTEK employees based in the United States (not 3rd-party resellers or consultants). The company’s reputation for customer support is outstanding in all aspects.

Founded in 1998, eTEK is a consistent Gold-Star, A+ Rated Better Business Bureau company, with a consistent track record for providing high-quality solution. The eTEK customer base spans the entire U.S. with key offices in New York, Georgia, Arizona, & Colorado.

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