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A developer of business management software.

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eStar, Inc., based in Clearwater Florida, provides Payroll and HRIS Software to power your Accounting firm, PEO, ASO, or BPO organization. We offer affordable and accurate Web-based Payroll, Tax and Back Office Accounting, HRIS, Employee Self Services, Benefits Management, Software installed or ASP Hosted by eStar.

At eStar, we provide the technology based solutions to take your company to the next level and beyond. eStar brings you new, open, and low cost management and leadership solutions using Internet and web based technologies. With eStar, your organization will analyze the way you company operates, develop the application you need, and run your business the way you want. eStar delivers technology solutions for software development and qualification; database enhancement and manipulation; and marketing of web-based software applications. Your company delivers for its customers.

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