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The Timecard System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive data collection and time management tool. Working interactively with and responding to enterprise authorizations and controls, the system collects, manages and ensures the proper allocation and consumption of employee time. This powerful system can be configured to meet the most demanding collection and management requirements of any organization. Integrating seamlessly with all other ESP21 Systems, the Timecard System plays a vital role in numerous enterprise activities and actively assists in billing, human resource management, payroll, Job management, resource leveling as well as providing a comprehensive view of employee and project activity.

The Timecard System empowers you to

  • Define cycles and collect time data at any desired interval
  • Create and manage work authorizations as required for Jobs and project associations
  • Deploy management and control functions such as the audit and approval of time entry by employees
  • Integrate time entry data into enterprise activities, automate billing, accrue and manage time usage vs. approved and budgeted values etc.

The Timecard System addresses the real world demands of precise data collection and intuitively represents and manages the results throughout the enterprise wherever needed. Providing the work-flow controls and data management functions associated with time collection, authorization and use, the Timecard System plays a vital role in automating countless enterprise functions and additionally delivers “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Create and manage an unlimited number of work authorizations comprised of jobs, phases, tasks and contract information for assignment to employees.
  • Create an unlimited number of pay period cycles, wage types and time types.
  • Create constraints for skills, and the expenditure of hours and dollars. Also assign expenditure constraints globally to work authorizations or individual employees.
  • Interface to other key enterprise systems such as human resources, job cost to provide immediate and accurate labor expenditure information to produce expense billings to customers.
  • Automatically records all changes made on each time card.
  • Contains an integrated leave/paid time off subsystem that tracks various leave accrual profiles, records all leave events and maintains available leave balances.
  • On line inquiry reports allow supervisors to review timecards during the pay period using a variety of search criteria
  • Create an unlimited number of timecard status settings that define the business rules for managing time cards.
  • Import from and export to external systems.


  • Maintain strict controls over job tasks that employees can view and charge on their timecards.
  • No constraints on setting up pay period cycles or the types of wages and time types that can be assigned.
  • Automatically limit the number of hours that can be used by an individual employee or all employees on any job or task.
  • Automatic tracking of changes and leave usage are just two examples of efficiencies that require no paper work or spreadsheets to track information.
  • Inquiry reports provide instant access and great flexibility in accessing information very quickly.
  • Eliminate need for paper timecards and related errors. Move data in and out of the system electronically.