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The Order Entry System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a powerful suite of software programs that enable organizations to easily automate virtually any ordering process. The Order Entry System empowers an organization to architect workflow and configure a variety of ordering and fulfillment processes to efficiently manage and track all aspects of customer and enterprise order processing requirements. The result is an application that responds to rather than dictates the enterprise work-flow environment. This application is capable of working independently or as an integrated part of the ESP21 family of Enterprise Applications.

The Order Entry System empowers you to

  • Define and manage an unlimited number of order entry processing work-flow paradigms
  • Configure and manage a wide array of order and customer related information including organizational specific data
  • Intuitively drive a variety of enterprise related processes including but not limited to manufacturing, purchasing, supply chain, job cost, inventory, service and repair etc.
  • Provide real-time status of orders and related activity both internally and externally to company websites etc.
  • Integrate seamlessly with web based shipment tracking systems
  • Manage Order/customer history at a click using ESP’s Business Insight™

The Order Entry System of the Enterprise Solution Platform provides a logical solution to order entry management by providing a comprehensive set of tools directed at meeting the most demanding order processing requirements. Activities such as Fulfillment, Special Handling and Quality Control, Shipment Processing and Order Billing as well as numerous other processes can be configured and deployed uniquely as required by the enterprise. The Order Entry System contains additional flexibility to process all related activity interactively as a family member of the ESP21 framework further empowering “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Allows you to create a variety of Order Entry documents for orders received for inventory or manufactured items.
  • Allows you to perform variety of transactions and assign expense allocation to jobs and contract documents by line item.
  • Create, select, validate, and post and review order information with status driven business rules.
  • Integrated with other enterprise systems such as, inventory, Accounts receivable etc to support the acquisition, production and delivery processes.
  • Integrated with Accounts Receivables System to automatically generate documents invoices.
  • Integrated with Job Cost System to automatically track billing expense activity against a job or indefinite quantity contracts.
  • Create and assign an unlimited number of order transaction types which establish the types of order transactions that will be utilized in your company.


  • No limitations on the types of Purchase Orders that can be created.
  • Provides great flexibility in recording detailed payable expenditure transactions for direct and indirect expenditures.
  • All order documents for customer orders can be accessed and reviewed from other enterprise systems using the document generator feature.
  • Business Insight™ provides immediate access to prior order and payment history including vendor prices, shipments, payments and discounts.
  • Integration with other systems such as Inventory and Accounts Receivable and Manufacturing uses the same source data information and reduces data entry requirements from multiple sources.
  • Integration with Job Cost and Contracts systems allow automatic and efficient aggregation of revenue expenses to the source documents.