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The Manufacturing Management System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive and powerful set of tools enabling the enterprise to track and manage all aspects of the manufacturing process. The Manufacturing Management System allows immediate inquiry into the current status of all facets associated with production, planning, inventory allocation and consumption as well as comparatives to scheduled processes and end result manufacturing and demand. With the Manufacturing Management System, organizations can create, manage, and track manufacturing incrementally, time phased or instantaneous dependent entirely on the desired model of production. The system provides an entirely configurable work-flow that can assimilate a wide array of manufacturing environments.

The Manufacturing Management System empowers you to

  • Define and manage production schedules from a variety of source demands
  • Comprehensively plan and allocate inventory and material requirements
  • Track and document inventory and/or material usage
  • Produce forecasts for specific production requirements or for the entire enterprise
  • Track life cycle of manufactured items via lot and serial control of component and produced items
  • Dynamically adjust production requirements and actual enterprise activity as needed
  • Produce unitized finished product and/or produce in lots, batches, formulas etc.
  • Interactively support enterprise processes that require a production or manufacturing component

The Manufacturing Management System provides concise and immediate control of all relevant data to the organization, thus enabling increased enterprise efficiency. As an ESP21 family participant the system provides support to administer, and supply information vital to activity requiring a production or manufacturing process or component. ESP21 also provides the flexibility to collect, organize, document, the details of manufacturing and their relevant status thereby, enabling the organization to remain current with immediate, accurate, and real-time data in support of “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of production paradigms for manufacturing.
  • Define the manufacturing process to work the way you do, from a simple bill of material build up to a large departmentalized production plan and schema.
  • Intuitively process manufacturing activity in a manner that best represents actual production activity in the enterprise.
  • Integrated with other enterprise participants such as, inventory, order entry, service and repair, accounts receivable etc to support the production and service and repair delivery processes.
  • Integrated with enterprise acquisition system participants to provide critical support for maintaining scheduled production activity as well as enterprise manufacturing commitments.
  • Supports aspects of nearly any manufacturing style of philosophy. Design the work-flow and process support that best meets your enterprise requirements and manufacturing demands.


  • Configurable to meet the most comprehensive production and manufacturing environments.
  • Provides great flexibility in recording detailed activity and expenditure information making it seamlessly available to all relevant enterprise processes.
  • All aspects of production activity can reviewed interactively, on-line at any time.
  • Business Insight™ provides immediate access to all production order history including vendor prices, shipments, material consumption and variances.
  • Integrated with other systems such as inventory, order entry and accounts receivable and utilizes the same source data information eliminating data entry requirements from multiple sources.
  • Integration with other ESP systems provides complete support of job, contract and/or customer order obligations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Manufacturing Management:

"Manufacturing Management" is part of the ESP21 line of products, developed by ESP Technologies.