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The Human Resources system of Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive set of tools that automate all core Human Resources functions. The system provides management and administration through a flexible, configurable interface promoting tremendous efficiency and productivity in all areas of HR and related enterprise support.

Automation of a wide array of Human Resource functions empowers enterprise personnel to easily track all aspects of employee activity and lifecycle. It also provides intuitive enterprise planning and the opportunity to proactively determine resource requirements and leveling within the organization as well as the more traditional aspects of HR such as training, education, benefits and review as well as comprehensive employee profiling. As an integrated ESP21 family member of applications, the HR system provides vital insight and control of human resource for all enterprise requirements.

The Human Resources application empowers you to

  • Define, configure and manage the prospective employee evaluation process
  • Maintain an expansive collection of employee and employee related information
  • Provide vital support to planning and budgeting process of all enterprise activities at a click using ESP’s Business Insight™
  • Define and manage an unlimited number of internal and external categories of employee job/work definitions
  • Integrate seamlessly with other enterprise systems in the support of managing resources for projects, jobs and any other organizational commitment defined in the enterprise theatre of activities
  • Define and manage all traditional aspects of HR activity such as benefits, time, accruals, work experience and authorization, security levels etc.

The ESP21 Human Resource system empowers the organizations to take command of the many daunting tasks associated with HR management. Additionally the system offers the most vital information to the entire family of ESP21 applications in the daily pursuit of resource allocation, planning and budgeting of all ongoing activities that require a human resource component as well as “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Flexibility to custom configures employee application and hiring process for your organization.
  • Flexibility to customize the employee HR management functions to the needs of your organization.
  • Electronically receive an employee application and review and process it through the hiring, time card and payroll activities for each employee.
  • Track all employment information and major HR events for employees.
  • Human resources information is only entered once then becomes available to all other enterprise systems.
  • Handles HR, benefits, and payroll administration needs from recruiting through departure.
  • Tracks unlimited number of compensation types such as straight time, over time and pay rates.
  • Tracks and allows the ability to assign an unlimited number of work authorizations to employees.
  • Provides the ability to create an unlimited number of benefit plans and carriers and individually assign and manage all benefit information to employees.


  • Configuration capability permits specific information to reflect the unique personality of the user entity.
  • Efficiently manage employee application and hiring process.
  • Improve data accuracy through integration of HR system with other systems.
  • Save HR Manager’s time so they can spend it on strategic issues.
  • Maintain an accurate record of key employee events and activities such as hire date, promotion, evaluations etc in one convenient location.
  • More accurately control the process and assigning work and compensating employees pay employees.
  • Reduce the amount of paper source documents and eliminate redundant data entry and paper shuffling.
  • Flexibility in benefit information creation and management creates tremendous flexibility and eases benefit administration.