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The General Ledger System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is an extremely powerful yet flexible set of tools that enable organizations to design and manage a highly tailored set of financial reports and supporting schedules. The application empowers the enterprise to perform analysis virtually in any way desired. Compare and contrast projects, control planning and execution, increase resource productivity, reduce costs, and assist decision making with accuracy and ease all in a configurable application that intuitively inherits the organization structure and activity paradigm of the enterprise. The General Ledger’s seamless integration with all other ESP21 application participants further empower the application as a critical decision support component for any organization.

The General Ledger System empowers you to

  • Define and tailor the general ledger chart of accounts and account segmentation in any way desired
  • Intuitively assimilate organization hierarchy and structure
  • Define, manage and report an unlimited number of transaction types for actuals, budgets, statistics etc.
  • Define and maintain up to 365 accounting periods in a fiscal year/cycle and post activity to these periods through a comprehensive series of highly configurable rules and guidelines.
  • Define an unlimited number of financial reports, custom tailored to meet the most demanding requirements
  • Implement comprehensive manage-ment controls for handling enterprise financial data regardless of source
  • Integrate with other ESP21 applications providing a complete and accurate audit trail of all transactions across the enterprise

The General Ledger System is a critical decision support and management tool, enabling consistent and efficient execution of business policies and all related activity with exceptional flexibility and “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Define Chart of Accounts structure in any manner required by enterprise
  • Define and configure business rules to control an manage financial data consistent with rules and policies governing your organization
  • Create an unlimited number of transaction types including actuals, budgets and statistics as well as any additional user defined purpose.
  • Actively process concurrently in an unlimited number of periods and fiscal cycles (years)
  • Define an unlimited number of financial reports constructed through a point and click interface
  • Collect and manage enterprise data with a full audit trail of all activity
  • Integrate seamlessly and manage financial data from all enterprise sources configured to your specification and business rules.


  • Intuitively reflects financial information in a manner consistent with your organizations structure and business activities
  • Provides the ultimate flexibility in defining transaction purpose, use and audit ability
  • Provides extensive and comprehensive tools for managing financial data
  • Removes the need for compiling and re-compiling financial information in order to arrive at the desired presentation and representation of financial activity and position
  • System can accommodate the rigid or informal processing environment. Configure the General Ledger and its application processes to work the way you do.
  • Integration with the ESP framework provides a complete audit trail of activity from transaction origin through to it financial representation and recognition.