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The Communications Collaboration and Resources Management System of Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive set of tools that automate all communications and collaboration capabilities within the enterprise. The system provides management and administration through a flexible, configurable interface promoting tremendous efficiency and productivity. CCRM provides a globally accessible work environment driven off a Common, Secured System without a need to install client side software. The CCRM System is a portal that offers its customers the ability to interactively maintain meetings, tasking, contacts, document management, personnel skill, sets and email management. A privilege grid through which individual access rights are assigned protects the integrity of all CCRM data from non-authorized personnel. CCRM has been integrated with Microsoft Outlook, a widely used resource management application; you can seamlessly read and respond to e-mails, lookup and create contacts, check and schedule meetings and tasks, all while sharing this information with your entire team.

The Communications Collaboration and Resources Management System empowers you to

  • Define, configure and manage the prospective collaboration organizations and entities
  • Schedule and manage an expansive collection of organization or function derived tasks or events
  • Provide vital support to planning and scheduling process of all enterprise activities at a click using ESP’s Business Insight™
  • Define and manage an unlimited number of information search definitions that can be applied to organizations.
  • Integrate seamlessly with MS Outlook and other enterprise systems in the support of managing resources for tasks, and any other commitments defined in the enterprise theatre of activities
  • Define and manage level of privilege types and level of activity that allows you to manage security levels.

The ESP21 CCRM system empowers the organizations to take command of the many daunting tasks associated with effective communications and collaboration across the enterprise and to the entire family of ESP21 as well as “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Create and assign people to teams and organizations.
  • Lookup and create contacts.
  • Import /export Outlook Calendar and emails with CCRM
  • Post and manage documents.
  • Schedule and check status of meetings or action items. Track task schedule and completion.
  • Assign keyword definitions to individuals and groups for enhanced search capability.
  • Seamlessly read and respond to e-mails.
  • Quickly assign user access and controls using the privilege grid.
  • Share work place information with users.


  • Configuration capability permits specific information to reflect the unique personality of the user entity. Create organizational groups and or teams associating them with specific venues, tasks or individual skill sets
  • Create personnel/contact list, matching individuals with organizations, teams or individual skill sets
  • Schedule meetings with specific personnel or by using predefined organizations, teams or skill sets.
  • Interactive document management
  • Schedule tasks and create a secured common document management work space for all material related to the task
  • Search mechanism to quickly determine who, what, when and where for scheduled meetings and tasks
  • Optional, systemic email notification of scheduled meetings, tasks or select document review
  • Security privilege grid, allows the system administrator to assign users level of access rights.
  • Post information to a common bulletin board.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Communications Collaboration and Resources Management:

"Communications Collaboration and Resources Management" is part of the ESP21 line of products, developed by ESP Technologies.