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The Burden System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive set of tools used to manage your entire Burdening process as well as all of its related requirements. Its flexibility simplifies administration by integrating and tracking essential information from the point of Burden definition through the ultimate assignment and use on vouchers/invoices and/or allocations associated with items and material. The System functions as an enterprise integrated participant managing critical work-flow for a large number of applications such as Budgets, Job Cost, Contracts Management, Human Resources and Manufacturing.

The Burden System empowers you to

  • Configure and manage an unlimited number of burden pool paradigms
  • Configure and enforce a wide array of burden types and components, all adaptable to your organizational needs and policies
  • Work interactively with other ESP21 applications to provide needed cost build up and billing methodology support for labor and non-labor contractual requirements.
  • Maintain and review burden pool and Rate activity and history at a click using ESP’s Business Insight
  • Review and utilize vendor burden history in support of future proposals and projections at a click using ESP’s Business InsightTM
  • Lend full enterprise support of unit cost markup for labor and non labor from the point of proposal preparation until the ultimate close out of a contract or work scope vehicle

The Burden System simplifies administration, provides internal controls, and defines the entire burden process. The result enables organizations to manage burdening from proposal preparation to contract award and throughout the billing cycle, effectively and efficiently. The ESP21 Burden System, as a member of the enterprise solution of applications, empowers your organization and provides unlimited “Business Insight through ESP™.“


  • ”Burdens“ defined as the mark-ups applied to units of cost.
  • Definable and adapted to any work-scope/customer requirement.
  • Create and manage job burden methodologies.
  • Compute specific mark-ups applied to units of costs.
  • Used to help build budgets or proposals against a project.
  • Update burden structures and values at any time.
  • Analyze and evaluate burden rates.
  • Apply burdens to budgets and expense items.


  • Allows you to create and manage burden methodologies which can be used for building budgets, proposals, and billing expenses incurred for products and services that are performed against contracts and PO documents.
  • Highly configurable yet centrally and conveniently organized.
  • Keep better track of hidden costs.
  • Maintain total control over how and when assignments are made to either burden pools i.e. (Manufacturing or Engineering) or burden types (Overhead or General & Administrative).
  • Make smarter and quicker decisions based on more accurate and easily accessible data.
  • Allows team members to manage vital resources, and budget and prepare proposal materials for current and projected opportunities.