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The Budgets System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive set of tools used to manage your entire budgeting process as well as all of its related requirements. Its flexibility simplifies administration by integrating and tracking essential information from the point of creating budget items/entries through the ultimate replenishment and/or interfacing of budget items to contract documents or any ESP21 defined work scope. The System can function as an independent application, or can be used as an enterprise integrated participant managing critical work-flow for various applications such as General Ledger, Contracts Management, Job Cost, Manufacturing, and Order Entry etc…

The Budget System empowers you to

  • Configure and manage an unlimited number of budget work-flow paradigms
  • Configure and enforce a wide array of budget controls, all adaptable to your organizational needs and policies
  • Work interactively with other ESP21 applications to provide needed support and planning for expenditure requirements
  • Maintain and review on-line budgets or cost proposals at a click using ESP’s Business Insight™
  • Review and utilize budget history in support of future budgets or cost/price proposals at a click using ESP’s Business Insight™
  • Lend full enterprise support of budget line items from the point of budget creation through to the ultimate assignment of items to a contract document or work scope

The Budget System simplifies administration, provides internal controls, and defines the entire budgeting process. The result enables organizations to manage budgets from creation and entry to the interface of contract documents, effectively and efficiently. The ESP21 Budget System, as a member of the enterprise solution of applications, empowers your organization and provides unlimited “Business Insight through ESPTM.“


  • Create and manage budgets for specific Proposals, Contracts, Jobs and GL accounts.
  • Leverage interdependent relationships with other enterprise systems such as Contracts, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger to build proposals that also serve as budgets for subsequent contracts and activities.
  • Establish budgets at a summary level, and then prepare them in the first level of detail to be rolled up and applied to each budget line item.
  • Copy or ”Clone“ Budgets and rename them to save time.
  • Create unique performance periods.
  • Generate up-to-the minute reports to evaluate spending.
  • Built-in financial intelligence.
  • Interface budget proposal data and automatically move it to Contracts.


  • Improve forecasting and budgeting for increased profitability and predict better investment opportunities for the future.
  • Speed up the creation and accuracy of budgets.
  • Better monitor labor, non-labor, and travel activities.
  • Address causes of budgeting delays.
  • Transform budgeting into dynamic, collaborative process.
  • Eliminate time consuming data collection and re-keying.
  • Support top down and bottom up budgeting and forecasting.
  • Capture business objectives for coming financial year.
  • Monitor profitability and identify problems in a more timely manner.
  • Save valuable time and costs during project.