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The Accounts Payable System of the Enterprise Solution Platform (ESP21) is a comprehensive set of tools designed to manage all payables and vendor related activities. The application is comprised of a powerful feature set designed to facilitate streamlined and accurate management in all areas of payables processing completely tailored to the operational requirements of your enterprise. In addition to managing all aspects of payables obligation, the system works seamlessly with other ESP21 participants facilitating document work-flow processes such as purchasing, inventory, cash management etc.. The ESP21 Accounts Payable System can be configured to empower highly configurable enterprise controls to manage payables/cost recognition as well as the scheduling and management of payment processing in a single or multi-division/site environment.

The Accounts Payable System empowers you to

  • Configure a tailored payables environment that matches the most demanding enterprise requirements
  • Define an unlimited number of payables classes and payables divisions
  • Manage and execute an unlimited number of payment methods and processing cycles
  • Produce comprehensive cash requirements for pending payables completely configurable and tailored as desired
  • Define and manage an unlimited number of voucher/transaction types completely configurable each with a discrete audit trail by type if needed
  • View vendor activity analysis at any time with just a click using ESP’s Business Insight™
  • Integrate with other ESP21 applications providing intuitive support of enterprise process affected by payables, cost recognition or allocation

The Accounts Payable System provides comprehensive yet flexible features that enable the enterprise management of all vendor/payables related activities. Additionally the system, acting as an ESP21 participant, provides vital support to numerous enterprise processes further empowering “Business Insight through ESP™.”


  • Allows you to manage payables and all payable operations as an independent accounting subsystem.
  • Allows you to custom configure vendor account information and profiles for managing a wide variety of vendor accounts.
  • Allows you to create and organize payables management activities into an unlimited number of transaction types.
  • Allows you to perform variety of transactions and assign expense allocation to jobs and contract documents by line item.
  • Integrate with general ledger, order entry, inventory and other enterprise systems.
  • Collect account detail and run flexible and detailed validation and posting processes with extensive built in control features.
  • Integrate with job cost module to automatically track purchase, inventory and other expense activity against a contract.


  • No limitations on creating account type, account classes or vendors.
  • Provides great flexibility in recording payables management activities.
  • Provides great flexibility in managing payments for diverse customer situations and expense management requirements.
  • Streamline data entry and thus reduce the opportunity for errors because of module integration with inventory, billing order entry etc. Other accounting and functional specialists can concentrate on creation and validation of information in their subsystem areas.
  • All account payables account aging, balances, and history information can be quickly accessed through the Business Insight™ online inquiry reporting.
  • Integration with job cost, purchase order and contracts modules allow automatic and efficient aggregation of payable expense transactions to the source documents