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A full ERP system designed by ESP Technologies.
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Technology Advantages:

Natively architected and built on the .NET and SQL platforms. Optimized to be the evolved Enterprise solution and solution support model. Entirely integrated application framework with seamless Web enablement throughout. Comprehensive in solution depth and flexibility and is capable of providing a limitless number solution possibilities.

Empower your business with “Business INsight through ESP.“ ESP21 is the evolved enterprise solution designed to leverage the .NET platform today and into the future.

ESP21 ”Business Insight through ESP“

ESP Explained

ESP Stands for ”Enterprise Solution Platform.“ What it means to your business is that it represents the solid foundation our business solutions are built on. All ESP Systems, Applications and their associated processes and work-flow, are elegantly and strategically deployed to serve your business needs.

The platform can best be described as a comprehensive family of solution applications that are interdependent, and work interactively in an integrated manner. Each application in itself can be deemed a complete solution that is comprised of multiple independent mini-programs that function as one application. It is the Application’s immersion into an integrated Enterprise Schema that most empowers the solution framework and provides a limitless number of possibilities for managing business processes. ESP based solutions are capable of touching and responding to, nearly any Enterprise/business demand imaginable.

What is Business INsight?

Quite simply Business INsight™ is the result of many years of solution providing from both the development and deployment perspective. Understanding concepts of Business Work-Flow Management and their associated requirements are at the core of ESP’s Business INsight. The Systems and supporting applications, during deployment, gain and ultimately provide unparalleled understanding of your company’s activities through ”Business Intelligence Assimilation“ as the Solution ”learns“ how you work and adaptively provides the critical controls necessary for supporting those activities.

ESP as the Tool

While incredibly responsive to the most demanding of your business needs, ESP does not simply stop there. New and often previously unimagined solutions are attainable without conventional programming or reverse engineering.

Realize the benefits of the ESP Application Design Tool. Modify existing applications, add to their content, secure, restrict and modify user interface by user groups and profiles. Create new applications and functionality that intuitively interact with the entire family of ESP Systems and Applications all without touching or modifying any core source code.

Leveraging ESP in Decision Support

In addition to the comprehensive framework of tools within ESP Applications, it is at the core of the Solution design strategy to empower customers in ways in which they are already familiar. What this means is that ESP Applications provide complete extensibility through the use of such widely used desktop applications as Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports and many others. Since ESP Applications are built in leading edge Microsoft tools (.NET and SQL Server) resources already familiar with tools and applications in the Microsoft family of solutions are right at home. Whether it’s reporting, data analysis, decision support or eCommerce, ESP21 shines as the solution that was architected, designed and built to play the critical foundation role in the enterprise vision of today’s solutions.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

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