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ERPlite offers a truly complete and integrated manufacturing management system for small to medium size manufacturers. All of the features needed to successfully track manufacturing inventory are available in ERPlite at an affordable price point. In addition, the familiarity of Microsoft Windows products makes the ERPlite manufacturing management system quick to learn, use, and successfully implement.

The ease of learning and use of ERPlite dramatically reduces the need for outsourcing implementation to expensive consultants. Many customers download ERPlite via the internet and implement it themselves over a few weeks rather than the industry norm of months. Internet distribution and support dramatically reduces the overhead costs, thus making profitable a selling price that is an order of magnitude lower than equivalent functionality competition.

Added Value to your business: - ERPlite facilitates inventory management giving early warning of parts and work orders needed to complete customer orders (or forecasts) on time. Thus, inventory carrying costs will be decreased and percent orders delivered on time improved. ERPlite facilitates managing the real-time schedule and cost of custom Sales Orders.

ERPlite is designed specifically for engineer-to-order, build-to-order, build-to-stock and startup repetitive manufacturing companies.

Master Production Scheduling, MRP calculations in seconds (vs. hours for most MRP tools) facilitates quick evaluation of scenarios to find the best action plan.

Ease of installation and Use: - Designed using Microsoft platforms, ERPlite is multi-user and easily installs in any Windows PC and network (95,98,ME,NT,2000,XP). Because ERPlite runs on Microsoft Peer to Peer Networks and Access, it interfaces seamlessly to a variety of other Microsoft products, including Excel, E-Mail, Project, Word, FrontPage etc.

This expands the capability of the system to provide for sophisticated graphing, networking capabilities, and total office connectivity. In a small system, there is no need to dedicate a PC to the server function. One PC can be both a client for one user and the server for all the other users. This reduces the getting started cost dramatically compared to most other MRP systems. Of course, a Windows PC can be dedicated to the server function. As load increases on the server, you can easily upgrade to SQL server transparently to the users.

Built-in reports provide key summary and status information, such as: indented BOMs, Open Sales Orders, Open Purchasing Orders, Inventory Transaction History, cost of Bills of Material, Inventory Valuation, Available to Promise etc.

Many reports are web-enabled, thus making the inventory status data available via any web browser.

Thin client solutions(Windows Terminal Server, Win frame, PC Anywhere, Carbon Copy) can be used to link road warriors, dialup connections or bandwidth limited PC connections.

Customization: - ERPlite is all that most manufacturers need. However, if you require customization, source code is free with any ERPlite purchase. Thus you can modify all ERPlite functionality and add new functions that are needed by your business. Source code is available for Microsoft Office 97, 2000, XP. Customization of forms, reports and labels requires only basic skills in Microsoft Access. Adding business logic functionality needed by your business can easily be done in Microsoft Access and Visual Basic for Applications. The Microsoft Access skills required to do modifications are widely available in most companies and/or low cost local consultants.

Integration with Accounting Software: - ERPlite uses your current Accounting software via import/export tools: Excel, text files, XML, ODBC, QuickBase. An automated link is available for QuickBooks Pro 2000/1/2/3 that synchronizes: parts list, customer and vendor addresses, employees, Purchase Orders, and Invoices. This eliminates double data entry.

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