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You need to maximize all the efficiencies you can in the relatively high-margin area of servicing, which is growing in demand by your customers and prospects. Accurate assessment of your technicians and other resources, quick dispatch, field service, and full visibility into work orders are provided by the functionality in Equip-Soft software, including integration with CRM and mobile technologies for superlative customer service.

Dispatch Board

  • Service manager dispatches all service requests to technicians. Requests are entered into the Equip-Soft system; can be filtered by type of requests, by customers, equipment, etc.
  • Can customize visibility of the dispatch board, depending on roles set up.
  • Robust functionality: all task scheduling done in a single screen.

Service Contract Management

  • Covers both contract maintenance billing and planned maintenance, which can be run together, or run separately to manage two different processes.
  • Users can enter the contract with a customer to do service cycles, for example monthly or every 90 days, or can be done on hour/meter readings, instead.
  • Service Planning Worksheet – one-click to run this worksheet, which will suggest the service work orders that need to be created based on your contracts.
  • Automatically generates all service orders, which then show up in the Dispatch Board to schedule technicians.

Technician Availability

  • Ability to view the availability of all technicians on staff – can view by day, week, month, quarter, and year.
  • Unlimited number of technicians can be accessed in this view.
  • Tech can be allocated to a job from the availability view.
  • Can pull up all the service work orders allocated to each technician directly from this availability view.

WIP Order & Labor

  • Full visibility into what service orders are still open.
  • Visibility into how much technicians’ time is left to be allocated per service order, to maximize billing time.

Field Service

  • Access mobile work orders, customizable, coded PM, parts and inventory tracking, warranty tracking, timekeeping, customer data, today’s schedule, etc.
  • Capture performance data of employees – service time, tasks, expenses, etc.
  • Integration with MobileFrame that allows for easy development of custom mobile applications.
  • Integration with telemetry services, such as SpeedShield, for meter readings on equipment and other functionality.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Service:

"Service" is part of the equip-soft line of products, developed by Equip-Soft.