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As the owner or manager of an equipment dealership, you know that you can never be short of a part needed by a customer; that’s why parts management software needs to be a part of your business system so you can stay on top of inventory, replenishment, and other vital issues. Parts may be small in comparison to equipment, but they have big impact on profitability!

Inventory Management

  • Ability to upload vendor parts catalogs.
  • Physical inventory capabilities – automates the running journals that print off cycle count sheets for the warehouse.
  • Ability to maintain and track supersedes –part A replaced by part B; functionality allows you to link them together and prompts you to use up part A first.
  • Safety stock level fields for all parts; ability to calculate what the safety stock levels should be based on average calls or days supply.
  • Manage obsolescence by having the system automatically change part statuses at a location based on conditions such as aging and movement.
  • The ability to manage and track cores with customers and suppliers.


  • Ability to set different stocking levels of parts by branch or location or van.
  • The capability for MRP planning (supply methodology) – run work sheets looks at quantity of parts on hand.
  • Ability to easily transfer parts between branches

Manufacturer Parts

  • Price tapes from manufacturers can be imported directly into the Equip-Soft system (all the costs, pricing, and does automatic calculating).
  • Handle parts from different manufacturers with ease.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Parts:

"Parts" is part of the equip-soft line of products, developed by Equip-Soft.