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Facilities Management is one of the fastest growing service industries in the world. Due to demanding customers and changing regulatory environments the industry has become increasingly competitive and complex. ePROMIS Facilities Management ERP Software is the most advanced Computer-aided facility management system, which goes beyond traditional facilities management software suites. Moreover it makes sure you have complete visibility over a complex array of contracts, relationships, and processes – from service initiation through execution and delivery to budgeting, billing and contract management.

  • Record, track, and manage all events throughout the life cycle of a customer.
  • All key information are available to the decision makers at the click of a button.
  • Maximize profitability by correcting issues quicker, and by issuing bills on time.

Globally, the facility management field continues to mature and evolve. Facility managers are expected to understand their organization’s core business and contribute to the bottom line — not only by reducing facility costs, but also by improving productivity, revenue, and brand equity of their organizations. ePROMIS Facilities Management ERP Software system helps you to maintain and track your capital assets, as well as forecast their performance. The system enables you to track contracts, service level agreements, and resources in real time to improve operational efficiency and the quality of services offered. Minimize the operating costs by constantly monitoring performance, and optimizing resources.

ePROMIS Facilities Management ERP Software is a fully integrated Computer-aided Facilities Management software (CAFM) system, which works together with your business, automates your business operations, provides interactive dashboards to improve your decision making, deploys Role Based Access Control, and allows you to manage day-to-day business processes.

Other Applications

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"Facilities Management" is part of the ePROMIS ERP line of products, developed by ePROMIS.