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A developer of business management software.

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Epiphany is a NetSuite Solution Provider and SuiteCloud Developer. We focus exclusively on NetSuite — Sales, Implementation, Support, Training and Product Development.

As a Software Developer, we have taken NetSuite one step further by designing Solutions that are completely embedded into NetSuite, providing you with the ability to quickly and cost effectively make NetSuite’s cloud — YOUR Cloud. Our comprehensive portfolio of integrated end-to-end solutions allow companies to manage essential business processes while leveraging the power of NetSuite’s core business suite.

Leveraging our expertise in product development and NetSuite, we can create and implement a business critical solution to efficiently address your requirements. Our cross-industry knowledge, research, innovation, comprehensive go-to-market support and broad spectrum of knowledge allows us to develop practical solutions; enabling business process improvements that help you increase efficiencies, profitability, improve customer service and more.

Product Lines

  • e-Contracts

    A web-based software system designed by Epiphany.

    0 reviews
    • e-Grants

      A web-based software system designed by Epiphany.

      0 reviews
      • e-HR Suite

        A web-based software system designed by Epiphany.

        0 reviews
        • e-Job Costing for NetSuite

          A job cost application designed by Epiphany.

          0 reviews
          • e-Service Suite

            A web-based ERP system designed by Epiphany for commercial & service and professional services companies.

            0 reviews

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