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Epicor Retail

A full ERP system designed by Epicor Software for retail trade companies.
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In today’s global retail market, retailers are seeking solutions to innovate the shopping experience and out perform their competition. Whether you are a specialty or general merchandise retailer, overcoming the challenges to manage multiple sales channels, enhance the shopping experience, obtain the right merchandise assortments and integrate enterprise systems-all while driving profits can be a daunting task. You need a system that can help you integrate your enterprise operations and provide you with tools to grow your business. That solution is Epicor Retail.

Epicor Retail is comprised of an integrated set of retail solutions designed to manage a multi-channel global enterprise productively, profitably and with an emphasis on achieving a seamless customer shopping experience. At Epicor, we’ve helped many retailers successfully implement our end-to-end solutions to integrate their sales channels, order management, inventory and other operations in order to have the right information at the right time.

OS Compatibilities

Desktop OS

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Server OS

  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Unix: Linux

Popular Functionality Modules

Audit and Operations Management Audit and Operations Management Epicor Retail Audit and Operations Management, designed for multichannel retailers, is a proven solution for ensuring and relaying accurate…

Cross-Channel Order Management Cross-Channel Order Management Your customer is ready to buy. Your sales associate is ready to help. You have the item, but it’s not in stock in your location. What do…

Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management Epicor Retail Sourcing and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, streamlines sourcing processes, and helps you bring your…

Loss Prevention Loss Prevention When it comes to controlling retail shrink, protection means detection. This applies to both direct merchandise theft and register-based fraud, each of which…

Learning Solutions Learning Solutions In an industry where competition is fierce, margins are slim, and turnover is constant, retail training managers face tough challenges. Associate time on…

Complete Functionality Module List

Reviews of Epicor Retail


This system is easy to use and powerful. Our company uses it for everything we do. We are a smaller plumbing supply company, but Epicor Eclipse is capable of handling more that what we run through it each day. The nice thing about this software is that there is a whole community out there that is happy to provide tips and tricks they have learned through use of the system. I have used SAP, Peachtree, Solomon and none of them were as easy to use Eclipse. I am ecited to move on to the newer version, which is aesthetically more like Windows.

The good: I am somewhat new to Eclipse, but I have learned so much in such a short time. What I like best is that the software company continues to provide educational opportunities after you have installed the system. When I used SAP for example, once they helped the company with the install and initial training they were gone. The current employees/users were required to provide training to anyone new coming into the company.

The bad: Still getting my feet wet, plus we have an older mainframe looking version of Eclipse, so I don’t know what I dislike.