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A powerful range of features manages warehouse activities – including tracking stock transfers between locations and calculating commitment schedules on net stock after transactions have been processed. Pick tickets are automatically generated and processed without re-keying information – saving time and reducing errors.

Provide quicker, more efficient, and more accurate pick-pack-put away, and update the solution as inventory becomes available. The process is further streamlined by automatically allocating items when receiving stock, and cross-docking allows you to set aside items marked for shipment that day.

An integrated shipping manifest reduces keystroke errors and provides valuable, accurate information to customer service representatives.

  • Conduct radio frequency (RF) inventory receiving
  • Conduct RF inventory put away
  • Conduct RF inventory picking
  • Conduct RF physical inventory/ real-time cycle counting
  • Utilize bar coding
  • Utilize an integrated shipping manifest
  • Conduct vendor managed inventory (VMI)
  • Generate transfers between locations
  • Utilize various inventory allocation methods
  • Pick inventory for all available orders for a customer
  • Conduct wave picking
  • Conduct batch picking

*Wireless Warehouse Management System *

Developed for Epicor Prophet 21, the Wireless Warehouse Management System streamlines all warehouse processes – from receiving picking, inventory operations, cycle counting and adjustments. Distributors who want to bring a new level of accuracy – and integrity – to their warehouses should consider Epicor Prophet 21’s Wireless Warehouse Management System. The solution improves customer service by helping distributors ensure they get the right products out on time, every time, while improving operating efficiencies through directed warehouse activities.

Because the Wireless Warehouse Management System is fully integrated with Epicor Prophet 21, distributors can implement one technology solution for all of their corporate needs. In addition, since the system offers a graphic user interface, it is user friendlier than most character-based RF offerings.

Epicor Prophet 21’s Wireless Warehouse Management System offers self-directed and system-directed methods for inventory management. The system directed method automatically suggests up to six bins, giving users the option of choosing an alternative bin location. The Wireless Warehouse Management System also offers a ranking system similar to ABC classes, but based on the number of hits a bin receives.

Epicor Prophet 21’s Wireless Warehouse Management System offers users the ability to save time by picking a single order, multiple orders for different customers, and transfer orders in a single pass through the warehouse. Wireless Warehouse technology creates a paperless picking system.

  • Streamlined warehouse process
  • Immediate feedback
  • Improved control over warehouse tasks
  • Improved customer service
  • Enables distributors to improve customer service by helping ensure they get the right products out on time, every time
  • Improve operating efficiencies through directed warehouse activities

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"Warehouse Management" is part of the Epicor Prophet 21 line of products, developed by Epicor Software.

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