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Easy-to-use tools help you monitor anticipated and received goods, track multiple stocking locations, set order fulfillment priorities and more.


  • Get a more complete picture of anticipated and received goods and improve the receiving process
  • Advanced Ship Notices enable quick put-away of received items
  • Track items that have been returned by a customer or received from a vendor as defective, as an over-shipment or not as ordered
  • Establish and track multiple product stocking locations, including: stock, defective, over-shipment, tagged, review, display.
  • Improve customer service by setting order fulfillment priorities
  • Assign a location status of primary, secondary, floating, remnant, or in-process
  • Sequence your delivery orders and/or transfers by shipper
  • Download your shipping manifest to a PDA to electronically capture proof-of-delivery signatures
  • Review tickets or receipts that have been processed, but whose material has not yet been officially picked or put away
  • Check the status of all: open sales orders (normal or credit sales), purchase orders (normal or returns), transfers (inbound and returns)
  • Alert warehouse personnel whenever on-hand quantity might be inaccurate
  • Automatically route priority orders, such as will call orders, to the quickest fulfillment path available Integrated multi-carrier shipping management solution boosts productivity and controls shipping costs when you use: UPS, FedEx, USPS, Airborne, Spee-Dee, User-defined shippers

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"Warehouse Logistics" is part of the Epicor Eclipse line of products, developed by Epicor Software.

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