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With a single keystroke, counter and telephone sales personnel can instantly:

  • Look up product features
  • Check prices and discounts
  • Schedule blanket orders
  • Suggest complementary items
  • Check a customer’s available credit
  • Review order commitments
  • Check inventory availability in the central warehouse and at the branches

Sales staff can easily handle large jobs, with options for:

  • Split order processing
  • Direct shipments
  • Blanket orders
  • Lot billing

Customer service employees can look up customers, vendors, transactions, and products by virtually any descriptive identifier:

  • Any part of a customer’s or vendor’s name, phone number or keyword
  • Order number
  • Customer PO number
  • Shipping address
  • UPC number
  • Long description
  • Size, color, manufacturer and more

Remote sales teams can enter orders via system add-ons for:

  • EDI
  • RDC
  • Web
  • PDA
  • E-mail

You can monitor customer credit status at each step in the life of an order, with up-to-the-minute information on:

  • Credit limits
  • Past-due limits
  • Per-order limits

Plus, you can:

  • Allow for multiple forms of payment including credit cards
  • Automatically calculate sales tax and freight charges
  • Create and monitor rental contract agreements with your customers

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"Sales Order Management" is part of the Epicor Eclipse line of products, developed by Epicor Software.

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