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By adhering to a unique set of business rules, Epicor Eclipse provides the essential functionality you need to run your business more efficiently and more profitably.

Tools and technologies include:

  • Real-time, Time-lined Accounting
  • Transaction-Based Architecture
  • Proactive Task Automation
  • A Powerful Search Engine
  • End-to-End Module Integration
  • Platform Interoperability
  • Intelligent User Interfaces
  • Flexible Data Management
  • Security and High Availability

Real-time, time-lined accounting means that every transaction enters the system intact, on-line, all the time. There’s no end-of-day, end-of-month, and end-of-year batch processing. From movement of material to back-office accounting functions including invoicing, cash receipts, and payable reconciliation every transaction that hits the system automatically posts to the general ledger in real time. What’s more, you can always position yourself anywhere in time. So you can instantly access data from a specific date or for a range of dates.

Transaction-based architecture offers real-time indexing, updating and cross-referencing for each and every transaction that enters the system. You get immediate access to any transaction at any time. Just a simple keystroke lets you drill down to examine the underlying transaction detail.

Proactive task automation lets you manage multiple complex and interrelated processes. That means, for example, that you can manage people-oriented tasks via job function Work Queues and rules-based Activity Triggers which the system uses to execute pre-defined procedures.

A powerful search engine allows you to look up customers, vendors, transactions and products by virtually any descriptive identifier. Search on virtually any identifying element thanks to sophisticated indexing, merging and phonetic matching that quickly displays exact search matches or convenient browse lists to choose from.

End-to-end module integration provides complete automation across your business because every module has been engineered to work together seamlessly. Epicor Eclipse consists of thousands of fully integrated applications, including Business Connect EDI, RF Warehouse, Credit Card Authorization and Document Imaging. So you’re always just one keystroke away from being able to access the information you need.

Platform interoperability lets the system interpret and translate any type of document format (XML, EDI, HTML, Flat File, or Plain Text) delivered over any connectivity protocol (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, or Fax). Support for secure socket layer (SSL) communication using CallHTTP and Socket interfaces allows the system to integrate with third-party applications. And because Activant Eclipse operates in the UNIX and Windows 2000/XP technology environments, it’s compatible with multiple hardware platforms including IBM, HP and Sun.

Intelligent user interface features Solar, a graphical user interface (GUI) program based on the Java programming language. Unlike traditional client-server environments, this interface can be used in parallel on the same terminal. In addition, an intelligent integration layer allows the system to interface with practically any type of device mobile phones, Palms, data collection devices (synchronization, radio-frequency or wireless), printers, scanners, etc.

Flexible data management means you can create your own reports, tailor views, define your own screens, customize documents, and manipulate your database. For example, you can easily update one or more fields of information for a large group of records in a file.

Security and high availability includes authorization keys that let you limit a user’s access to authorized areas only. Our audit control system keeps track of all user activity by documenting changes that are made to the system. It displays the user who made the change, along with the date and time of the change, as well as a description of the change. Plus, a real-time, point-to-point, data mirroring solution can be activated in the event of system failure to provide fault-tolerant, redundant, data duplication to a geographically remote stand-by server.

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