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Integrated accounting controls help you manage your cash flow and limit your exposure to delinquent accounts across four key areas: General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Receivable, Credit Management and Invoicing.

General Ledger

A flexible approach lets you:

  • Eliminate mandatory end-of-day, end-of-month, and end-of-year accounting period closes, and - if you like - leave multiple accounting periods open
  • Gain unlimited access to historical data
  • Drill down from the general ledger, or any financial report, to view transaction detail
  • Generate accounting reports for any range of dates - with timeless, as-of dating
  • Track updates and their associated journal postings by source, branch and date
  • View account disbursement, by transaction
  • Manage at multi-branch, multi-company and multi-territory levels
  • Customize your balance sheet, trial balance and income statements however you like
  • Compare working budgets with historical budgets
  • Get a snapshot of the financial situation of your company as of any specified date
  • Manage foreign currency exchange:
  • Track multiple currencies
  • Issue purchase and/or sales orders in foreign currencies
  • Tie foreign currency transactions back to the appropriate accounts payable and accounts receivable functions

Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Instant updating and seamless integration across the system mean you can:

  • Be sure that your customers’ AR and credit status are always current
  • View a customer’s AR activity for any range of dates
  • Drill down from summary level data to see transaction level detail with a single keystroke
  • Prioritize collection efforts and minimize write-offs with aged receivables reporting and task automation work queues
  • Accurately project cash flow
  • Eliminate proof-of-delivery phone calls by digitally imprinting signatures on your customers’ invoices
  • Keep collection notes on file
  • Match open receiver transactions to vendor invoices
  • Scan and attach vendor invoices to their associated purchase orders
  • Streamline reconciliation with automatic EOM, PROX, DIST handling and other terms arrangements
  • Calculate due dates automatically, based on vendors’ terms
  • Split payments, recurring payments, PO overrides, and one-step reconciliation let you easily manage cash disbursements
  • Get an instant read on both approved and unapproved AP records
  • Simplify year-end filing with complete 1099 vendor processing
  • Keep everything running smoothly with complete EDI support

Credit Management

Extend the power of accounts receivable management by:

  • Monitoring your customers’ credit status at every step of every sales order
  • Invoking credit limits, past-due limits, and per-order limits as you see fit
  • Taking advantage of both passive and aggressive credit controls to manage your entire credit process — at the customer or job level

Invoicing and Lot Billing

Trigger invoice generation by:

  • Order segment status
  • Ship date
  • Print status

Other features allow you to

  • Review invoices or orders before sending them to your customers
  • Effectively manage large jobs that require a bid for the customer and a quote from multiple vendors
  • Manage quoting, tracking, expediting, and billing for both the customer and vendor sides of the lot order
  • Track shipments of both inventory and non-inventory items needed to complete a project or job
  • Reconcile shipments as they come in whether you receive one shipment for all the materials on a lot or more than 20 different shipments for various quantities

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"Accounting and Financial Management" is part of the Epicor Eclipse line of products, developed by Epicor Software.

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