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Epicor Eagle N Series

An end‑to‑end retail management software system.
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To win in their markets, today’s retailers work hard to outservice the competition— by delivering exceptional customer experiences, and doing everything across their businesses to make that possible.

Eagle N Series enables the broad capability, deep analytics, and extensive business information retailers need to achieve these goals. In an increasingly complex retail world, Eagle N Series helps keep streamlined, straightforward, and simple to learn and use, while reinforcing proven retail practices.

End-to-end retail capability— dramatically simplified

Eagle N Series software can automate and optimize virtually every aspect of retail business: from accelerated customer orders and point-of-sale operations with Apple® Pay capabilites to inventory management and financials. Modern mobile and online capabilities transform business processes, and it’s easy to integrate with suppliers and partners.

With Eagle®, you get the precise mix of integrated capabilities you need to run an efficient, multi-channel retailing operation—while powerful, portable performance monitoring tools keep managers informed. Keep customers coming back with flexible loyalty tools, and use analytic and planning tools for inventory, pricing, and more to optimize profits and customer satisfaction.

Do everything quickly, easily, and accurately

With modern tools and resources that look and behave much like widely used Microsoft® Office apps, even new users get up to speed quickly. Everyday processes like reporting and label printing are streamlined and simplified with natural, intuitive workflows.

Essential resources you frequently need—customer, vendor and inventory analytics, help, support chat, Training on Demand* eLearning, and more—are integrated right within Eagle N Series screens. Meanwhile, both navigation and key data areas are customizable to fit your business’ unique requirements.

Eagle N Series is built on the robust, widely used Microsoft .NET technology platform, which enables Epicor to continue to evolve Eagle capabilities as retail needs change.

Eagle N Series: unprecedented retail power—simplified.

Key Features: Eagle N Series

Optimized user experience

  • Intuitive Ribbon toolbar, instantly familiar to office productivity software users, and customizable with “favorites” to save time and clicks
  • User-selectable visual themes and crisp screens and dialogs are easy to scan and read
  • Visually simple, optimally organized menus and signposts help even new users move quickly and accurately through tasks

Streamlined processes for faster, easier task completion

  • Accelerated workflows for frequent tasks (printing labels, creating special orders, accessing recent reports, managing vendor contacts, and many more) save time, keystrokes, clicks, even log-ins
  • Complexity made simple at every opportunity, so users go quickly and easily through tasks
  • Proven technology framework facilitates ongoing enhancement
  • User-defined fields in key data areas—customer, vendor, inventory/item—help you tailor Eagle functionality and information to fit your business needs
  • Edit-on-the-fly viewers help users make updates to multiple vendors, items, or customers quickly and accurately

Deep functionality, focused solutions

  • Powerful but easy-to-use point of sale (POS) and mobile capabilities—plus real-time product and customer insight—help you give customers pro-active, responsive, personalized experiences
  • Full support for Apple Pay moves customers through checkout more quickly and securely
  • Eagle Loyalty solutions help you identify buying patterns and customize programs that reward your best customers
  • Eagle Mobile Manager and Mobile Lookup apps let you quickly answer questions in the aisles

Advanced and embedded analytics

  • Powerful, real-time analytics gives you deep insight into your customers, inventory, sales and more, through intuitive, customizable dashboards and reports, enabling proactive decision making
  • In vendor, customer, and inventory/item areas, users can now access real-time, embedded analytic queries and reports right on the screens they’re using
  • Market-basket/affinity analytics guide promotions, pricing, inventory, and other strategies
  • Eagle Performance Manager helps managers track key business metrics at a glance
  • Eagle Inventory Planner takes the guesswork out of demand forecasting and inventory replenishment planning
  • Eagle Pricing Planner helps you optimize customer loyalty and margins

Increased security for business and consumers

  • Point-to-point encryption makes card data both unrecognizable and impenetrable during transmission between Eagle and Epicor Payment Gateway
  • Tokenization prevents theft of payment card numbers by never storing those numbers—and instead, storing “tokens” that can’t be reused elsewhere Support bar XX One-click access to in-context help and eLearning videos, real-time chat support and the Eagle Community user forum

Support bar

  • One-click access to in-context help and eLearning videos, real-time chat support and the Eagle Community user forum

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