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Signature Series’ Human Resources and Payroll Solutions address numerous business issues from integration with Payroll outsourcer’s such as ADP, Ceridian, and Paychex through our Payroll Outsourcing Integrations to enhancing functionality within the Great Plains client environment with offerings that allow the user the option to perform rapid entries of payroll and HR time and attendance, apply rules to the calculation of accruals, check duplicate position codes, manage Life Insurance benefits to include imputed income, and many more options available through our HR and Payroll offerings.

SS’ HR and Payroll Solutions can enable companies to save time, money, and reduce numerous possibilities of error by letting technology streamline the work, allowing the user to focus less attention on the cumbersome details and more attention on the absolute purpose of the business.

HR and Payroll Solutions offerings & Payroll Outsourcing Integrations

  • ADP Integration to Human Resources Eliminate the need for duplicate entry of employee, pay rate, and deduction information between Great Plains Human Resources and ADP’s PC Payroll for Windows.
  • Ceridian Integration to Human Resources Similar to the SS’ ADP Integration to HR with the exception that this product is designed to integrate employee data to Ceridian’s SourceLink™ product for Source 500 Payroll rather than ADP’s PC Payroll.
  • Paychex General Ledger Import Provide an easy, seamless connection to your General Ledger data. By using Paychex Paylink, the user can import detail or summary information using Paychex General Ledger Reporting service.

HR and Payroll

  • Mass Payroll Entry This multi-faceted solution streamlines inputting payroll and HR transactional data by allowing data import and rapid data entry via a spreadsheet-like interface.
  • Accrual Extensions SS’ Accrual Extensions works with the Great Plains HR and Payroll systems to apply rules to the calculation of accruals and allows printing of accrual balance information on Direct Deposit Statement of Earnings, Payroll Checks and Mekorma MICR checks.
  • Payroll Extensions With several features requested by our customers to enhance their payroll systems, SS’ Payroll Extensions offers an option for checking duplicate position codes and another set of options to produce a Missing Timesheet report in conjunction with your Payroll Build.
  • Retroactive Pay Calculator SS’ Retroactive Pay Calculator works with the Payroll Mass Update feature in Great Plains Payroll to allow creation of payroll transactions containing retroactive pay due an employee.
  • Life Insurance Manager Keep the company’s Human Resource Benefits and Payroll Benefits/Deductions updated with the most current coverage amounts and premiums based on the employee’s compensation.
  • Payroll Posting Account Accelerator Modify the cumbersome process of Payroll Posting of accounts by streamlining the procedure, automating much of it. By providing a multipurpose window that establishes the setups for the application and creates the Payroll Posting Accounts the user can eliminate the time it generally takes and reduce the possibility of data entry error.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with HR and Payroll Solutions:

"HR and Payroll Solutions" is part of the ePartners Signature Series line of products, developed by ePartners.