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Envision Accounting

A developer of software designed for small-businesses in the consulting industry.

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A division of EmeraldKey Technologies, Envision Accounting is a privately held company with offices in Seattle, Washington and Tavernier, Florida.

The company was founded with a simple vision: to provide project driven businesses with a cloud based application that handles all their accounting and project management requirements.

The company’s founders believe that generic accounting software cannot be easily or economically customized to the special needs of organizations whose primary source of income is derived from the allocation and billing of human resources. They also believe that a cloud based solution allows these businesses to concentrate on providing great service and not expend valuable resources supporting an IT infrastructure.

As senior members of the Microsoft Professional Services Group, they designed and deployed financial software systems for many professional service firms. The experiences they gained from these projects, together with feedback from the companies they worked with, led them to realize that a novel solution was required; one that eliminated the need for multiple modules, expensive integration, and high ongoing maintenance costs.

Envision Accounting software is the result of more than ten years of design and development work by the Envision team as well as continuing feedback from many professional services firms.

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