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The Enterprise Cost Manager is a web-based, cost accounting tool that takes the pain out of calculating the costs for services. Service level cost information is critical to managing your organization. It is needed for pricing and resource allocation decisions, as well as for negotiating managed care contracts. Without it, it is difficult, at best, to make good decisions.

However, most organizations are using cost information that is old and obsolete. This is because most costing systems rely on centralized, back room approach to the costing process. Typically, one or two financial analysts are tasked with developing and maintaining costs and, because it is so laborious and time consuming, it does not get done on a timely basis.

The ECM system distributes the process to the costing experts, your Department Managers! Using intranet technology and a simple, easy to use user interface, building and updating RVUs is a breeze. Online RVU worksheets give managers access to labor, capital and supply data (click and drag) to quickly and easily calculate accurate RVUs. Department Managers can then cost out charge items, review, and edit them until they are “bought into” the numbers. Not only does this approach dramatically reduce the time to develop and update costs, it also facilitates participation, ownership, and accountability on the part of the Department Managers. This proven method gets key stakeholders involved in the process and brings a new level of understanding to the management reports.

  • Enterprise-wide, integrated
  • Intranet, LAN or WAN based
  • Integrated database, (SQL Server 7.0)
  • Truly distributed costing process
  • Enterprise overhead allocation
  • Unlimited user-defined cost categories
  • Integrated with budgeting, or use stand-alone
  • Cost anything; charge items, CPT codes, etc.
  • Cost monthly, quarterly, annually
  • Online, easy to use RVU worksheets
  • Fast, accurate calculations
  • Change cost categories on the fly
  • Tied to comprehensive patient database
  • Product line, utilization, physician profiling, etc

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Enterprise Cost Manager:

"Enterprise Cost Manager" is part of the Decision Support Software line of products, developed by Enterprise Performance Systems.