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The Enterprise Budget Manager is a web-based, distributed financial modeling tool that can drastically improve the efficiency and accuracy of your financial planning process. EBM performs detailed salary and wage planning, (down to the employee level). It also monitors and reports productivity by job class against any external or internal targets.

The Enterprise Budget Manager is designed to build sophisticated flex budget models that best reflect the behavior of your organization. These models can be built with an unlimited number of statistics and relationships. All this with a simple click and drag! Flex the budget monthly and analyze rate and volume variances.

EBM gives the budget manager complete control over the planning process. Set inflation assumptions, project actual, set variable relationships and perform unlimited what-if modeling. Department managers can then access their information through your own intranet. This gives you full control over the process, and to sensitive information, all while allowing department managers to develop their budget online, real-time.

The reporting module gives instant access to management information anytime, from anywhere in your organization.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Enterprise Budget Manager:

"Enterprise Budget Manager" is part of the Decision Support Software line of products, developed by Enterprise Performance Systems.