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The Capital Budget Manager is designed to ease the pain of the Capital Budgeting Process. CBM begins with defining the approval path for capital requests. This way, requests are submitted, reviewed, and approved on-line! A fully distributed module, (intranet, or across your LAN or WAN), gives Department Managers the ability to complete a request in a structured way, submit the request, then track the request status during the process. Actual capital expenditures are also tracked so that the amount of available capital is always known.

From a management perspective, the CBM module allows complete flexibility in tailoring the process to meet your specific needs. User defined categories of project type, priority level, as well as user-defined standard lists for equipment, ensure that requests include the appropriate information.
At the approval level, CBM provides the ability to view, sort, and filter any criteria. For example, view all IS projects that have a priority of urgent (IRR of at least 5%). Once projects are approved, the CBM gives you the tools to track the actual capital purchases down to the invoice level of detail.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Capital Budget Manager:

"Capital Budget Manager" is part of the Decision Support Software line of products, developed by Enterprise Performance Systems.