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Returns and Warranty Management

No one wants product returns, but having processes in place to quickly and effectively manage repair and returns ensures happy customers and protects your profitability. Logix includes fully integrated Returns Management (RMA), Warranty, and Product Registration to make often overlooked tasks fast, simple, and reliable.

Returned Material Processes Logix solves problems common with typical RMA applications by including true serial number control, separate management of returns inventory, and flexibility in handling multiple items and advance unit replacement.

  • Rich RMA detail, including receipt and re-ship information
  • Comprehensive Failure and Repair reporting including failure and repair coding
  • RMA stock managed separately from inventory
  • Support Advance Replacement items and returning repaired items to stock

Returns Administration Give managers real-time access to critical performance information -

  • Command Center overview to track material as it flows through the repair process
  • Rich summary information to manage turnaround times
  • Detailed real-time performance metrics including Average, Minimum, Maximum, and Standard Deviation for RMA turnaround time

Warranty and Product Registration

  • Warranty and terms of coverage visibility online
  • Quickly search records by Customer, Location, Item, Sales Order, Serial Number, etc.
  • Definable Warranty Start and End dates
  • Link to rich Site specific information

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"RMA Management" is part of the Logix ERP line of products, developed by Enterprise Logix, LLC.

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