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MRP Logix MRP translates what you need – shippable product - into what you need to do – procure, manufacture, and ship. Logix MRP is simple, powerful, and fast - really fast.

MRP calculates all components and subassemblies needed to fulfill your demand in minutes, and provides clear recommendations in an online Command Center. Planned POs and Work Orders can be quickly created to put your plan into action.

Regenerative MRP results are presented in a variety of online views for quick and reliable execution. Create, delete, reschedule Work Orders and POs, real time, on-the-fly.

MRP results can be viewed and sorted by part number, Job ID, or in a comprehensive Command Center for optimized processing by one planner or your entire planning and procurement staff. Results include Order Pegging to identify demand drivers.

PO creation is tightly integrated with Vendor and Parts information – select from a drop-down list of qualified vendors and view their lead times, pricing, performance rating, and other key information for quick and reliable results. Consolidate multiple demands into one order or group demands by week, month, and/or Job ID.

Work Order creation in MRP is equally efficient. Logix MRP is “bucket less” but provides a simple process for consolidating multiple demands into one Work Order or grouping demands by Week, Month, and/or Job ID.

Logix MRP optimizes the demand planning and execution process, allowing your planners to focus on value added activities.

Forecasting. Logix enables you to build sales forecasts and combine them with existing sales orders to generate forecast demand for product within the Master Production Schedule. Build multiple forecasts and perform what-if scenarios to simulate the impact on your operation before committing to a build plan.

Master Production Scheduling. Once you’ve decided on a sales forecast, MPS results allow you to visualize your forecast before committing to it – providing valuable insight into how to plan and schedule your operation to maximize customer satisfaction and your profitability. You can sort your MPS by part number, job number, reference document (Sales Orders, MPS), start date, required date, etc. to facilitate quick analysis.

Capacity Requirements Planning allows you to schedule your work centers in the most efficient manner possible. View your work center load line-by-line, or graphically. Spotting peaks and valleys in your schedule enables smoothing of production. Run CRP for planned and actual work orders or actual work orders only.

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"MRP II" is part of the Logix ERP line of products, developed by Enterprise Logix, LLC.

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