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One of the biggest challenges for companies that stock material is maintaining accurate on-hand balances. Logix provides a rich set of tools to efficiently manage inventory. Whether it’s one stockroom or dozens, advanced tools allow end-to-end control and visibility throughout the company. Logix efficiently manages issues, receipts, return-to-stock, returns from a repair process (RMA), cycle and physical counts, and more. Transactions are automatically posted to the general ledger when appropriate. Transaction histories are provided in a variety of consolidated views, and available when viewing source events such as Sales Order shipments, Purchase Order receipts, and RMA processes.

Multiple Stockrooms Logix helps companies manage single stockrooms or hundreds of physical or virtual stockrooms globally -

  • Unlimited number of stockrooms
  • Unlimited number of locations per stockroom
  • Track a single item across multiple stockrooms and locations
  • Tracking by Serial Number, Lot, Expiration, Job

Powerful Data Query Quickly search, analyze, and report information needed to maintain proper inventory levels -

  • Safety Stock and Reorder-points
  • Report and view by stockroom, location, part number, cost, kits in process, ship status, etc.
  • One-click export to Excel and Word

Available to Promise (ATP) and Material Status Give users real-time access to critical material information -

  • Stock levels
  • Impact of current production
  • Outstanding Purchase Order status
  • Open Sales Orders

Advanced Picking and Kitting

  • Increase efficiency and productivity with real-time load management
  • Partial kitting and management of kits “in process”
  • Inventory listings reflect items selected for pick, minimizing errors
  • Control processes by filtering and prioritizing requirements by date, queue, status, and other critical data

Transaction Views and Reporting Comprehensive transaction histories are available online -

  • Consolidated history
  • Summary and detailed transaction information
  • Drill-down to source transaction
  • Print or email reports in a variety of formats
  • One-click export to Excel or Word

Physical/Cycle Count Logix includes advanced Cycle and Physical Count processes -

  • Items on active counts flagged during picking, kitting, sales, and other transactions
  • Serial Number and Lot count management
  • Management results and analysis tools
  • Automatic update of financial records

Relocation Process The best input for material positioning strategy can come from Customer Service, Sales, and Support. Logix includes a Material Relocation process to act on the knowledge in your organization -

  • Employees submit a Material Relocation Request along with supporting data
  • Request reviewed by the appropriate group and implemented if approved
  • Increase responsiveness to upcoming customer events or market changes while maintaining a manageable, traceable process

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