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Complex functions in a simplified program. The comprehensive Finesse Personnel/Payroll module can’t solve all of your labor headaches. But it can certainly handle the complex and highly detailed functions of payroll and associated personnel issues with exceptional ease. Even better, it can help you project future needs and labor costs.

A complete payroll calculation, distribution and human resources system, Finesse Personnel/Payroll’s tight integration with General Ledger, Customer Order Entry, Manufacturing Standards and Shop Floor Control lets you accumulate and calculate detailed labor rates, commissions, taxes and distribution almost effortlessly. This alone will save you hours.

Personnel/Payroll can also track a full complement of human resource data including an organizational chart, departments and divisions, positions, benefits and deductions, skills inventory, resumes and company contributions as well as overtime, vacation, sick leave and termination codes.


  • Handle multiple companies, projects, employees, banks, pay period checks, employee pay/jobs, applications
  • Handle unlimited employee taxes and benefits
  • User-defined data
  • Job costing
  • Breakdown information and report on time frames including ITD/YTD/QTD/PTD
  • Incorporates organization chart


  • Detail, pinpoint, scroll and summary inquiries


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • History, pre-check edit and benefit/deduction reports


  • Tax authority reporting
  • Tax tables and allowances
  • Pretax and posttax benefits and transactions


  • Batch, company and contract control
  • Definable check stock
  • Manual and auto onetime checks
  • Voided checks
  • Phase-in rates and accounting
  • Max number and amount of benefits
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Labor rate and accounting table


  • Benefits/deductions
  • Pay check adjustments
  • Overtime transactions
  • Same pay period splits
  • Salary, hourly, unit and commission calculations


  • Changes and transaction audit analysis
  • Government reporting/compliance analysis
  • Company contributions
  • Regular, vacation, overtime, sick codes and analysis
  • Termination codes


  • Assignable and budgeted positions
  • Department and division classifications
  • Skills inventory
  • Job and entity labor classes and distribution

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Personnel/Payroll/Time and Attendance:

"Personnel/Payroll/Time and Attendance" is part of the Finesse ERP System line of products, developed by Enhanced Systems & Services.