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Finesse MRP plans and manages material and production using the requirements you define. There’s not a more flexible system out there. Period. MRP accepts independent demands created directly through the Projects, Contracts and Job module, Master Scheduling or via sales orders in Order Entry. But plans change, don’t they? This is why MRP’s dynamic, level-by-level planning allows you to adjust your material plan as conditions develop ­ in real time. And there’s no limit to MRP’s planning horizon; non-nettable and expired inventory are automatically excluded and scrap or yield are also considered.


  • Multi-company, plant and warehouse planning
  • Multi-project capabilities
  • Gross and actual requirements
  • Open, firm, planned and scheduled orders
  • Job scheduling
  • User-defined period date ranges
  • Handle detail, scroll and summary inquiries
  • Bucketless processing


  • On hand, safety stock and lot analysis
  • Projected on hand and net requirements
  • Orders greater and less than requirements actions
  • Order date greater than needed date actions


  • Planned releases and receipts
  • Planning bill of materials
  • Planning product families
  • Discrete and lot for lot planning
  • Fixed order and period order quantity planning
  • Least unit cost planning
  • Economic order quantity planning
  • Blow through and phantom part planning


  • Report writer provides all standard reports in multiple formats
  • MRP planning and comparison reports

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Materials Requirement Planning:

"Materials Requirement Planning" is part of the Finesse ERP System line of products, developed by Enhanced Systems & Services.